Consciousness, community, reunions…

Hello world… I am in excellent spirits as I embrace a new day and embrace a new moment.

In the past humanity would gather as a community in churches coming together sharing a common interest for the good and betterment of the community and the quality of life for the members of the community as well as the community itself. In this day religious institutions are not the gathering places of many large communities in the way they were in the past. The large populations and the diverse cultures and peoples residing in the modern communities have become somewhat divided as far as religious beliefs. I feel that as human beings we all have a common interest in the well being of our communities and the well being of the members of our communities no matter what their cultural or religious beliefs.

One of the ways we can come together as human beings is to come together and participate in events large or small like the Consciousness Expos held in some cities that bring positive energy and a diverse group of peoples that choose to help others with love and positive energy as well as solutions to overcome our differences and be aware consciously that we are all connected. . One of the gifts I have had as of late was to spend some time with some amazing people that share some of their amazing gifts with our world. A community of individuals that chooses to share their gifts and consciously change their lives, heal and to help others heal and become consciously aware.

I was recently given the privilege of attending a reunion hosted by Christiane Turner of Quantum NLP for the participants of the 2014 Consciousness Expo. The Consciousness Expo 2014 was a special one as it was a milestone… The tenth year anniversary of an event that has grown exponentially since its inception a dream that has become a reality for Christiane and the community of organizations and individuals that choose to make a difference in our world sharing their gifts in such a positive way.

new phone pics 557A small glimpse of some of the attendees of the 2014 Consciousness Expo Reunion! Christaine is the one holding the baby in the middle of the picture..

The reunion was attended by a large and diverse group of the spiritual and healing community and I for one felt it was a great honor to be in attendance. The opening ceremony was a unique and fun way of introducing the individuals in attendance to each other and as a group with some dancing and movement to get the already high energy even higher. After the opening there was a raffle where some awesome prizes were given out to many of those in attendance. The gifts were donated by members and organizations in the community there were many gifts of many kinds, some of the highlights… Massages, healing sessions, Law of attraction CD’s, various crystals, and one grand prize a beautiful hand carved jade and teak Bansai tree.

new phone pics 565Diane Fawn.. winner of the Bansai tree!

There were a couple of highlights that I would like to share, first is that an award was given to an awesome member of the community and one that has been a part of the Consciousness Expo since it began ten years ago. Bill Jun of Lotus was given the “Community Service Award” for his long standing and excellent participation and contributions to the ever expanding community of consciously aware individuals. Congratulations Bill and thank you! The other and perhaps more significant highlight was one that affects all of the community as well being another dream fulfilled for the founder of the Consciousness Expo… The 2015 Consciousness Expo is moving to a larger venue, since the Expo began it has grown and as it has grown it has moved four times as a larger space has been needed. The 2015 Consciousness Expo will be held at the Sandy Expo Center in Sandy Utah. Thank you Christiane for following your dreams and making this such a wonderful event for the community and the exposure it brings expanding the awareness in our area that there are so many diverse and gifted spiritual beings, healers, and organizations to serve their many needs. Congratulations as well for securing the venue and organizing these events we all benefit from your dreams and positive energy!

new phone pics 566Bill Jun of Lotus, winner of the Community Service Award

I am aware that many reading my posts are from many parts of the U.S. and many parts of the world. I hope your communities have events and organizations or even a highly motivated individual like Christiane to organize and create events like the Consciousness Expos held here in Salt Lake City. I have seen other cities in the U.S. advertising them in California, Illinois, and New York for example. The more of these kinds of events we have as a collective humanity, the more aware we become, the more healing energy we share the more we change the world in a positive way.

The truth is we are all connected and everyone of us make a difference individually yet as a community we have so much more ability to affect change on a larger scale. We all have something to share with each other, perhaps it is a technique to let go of the past, a technique to follow our dreams, just a simple smile that brightens another’s day, we all contribute to our communities everyday whether we realize it or not. Becoming involved in a conscious way and being aware of what we contribute individually will make a difference no matter what part of the world you live in.

Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts and spending some time here I hope you found something of interest or inspiration while you were here. I also hope you smiled even if it was just a small one Thank you all for being you and sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. I for one appreciate you being the positive change our world so needs!