Has Christianity helped mankind to become better human beings? Would Jesus be a Christian?

I have been seeing quite a few posts shared both on blogs and social media sites that have inspired me to ask what my thoughts and feelings are as far as some of the major issues with religions. I saw the same post three times in the last two days and was recently answering questions on an online dating site that really made me stop and think. Much like a conversation with Plato would have caused the same introspection and observation of thought to come up with my own view and perspective.

Jesus… Wasn’t a Christian
Mohammed …. Wasn’t a Muslim
Buddha … Wasn’t a Buddhist

The question asked on the dating site; “Over all do you think Christianity has helped make mankind become better human beings?”

The question provoked some interesting thoughts and observations and in a way the post about the inspirational beings that the largest religious movements and religions kind of put the exclamation point on the end of the train of thoughts. Many may disagree and I am not by any means trying to bash, or dispute any ones beliefs or the right to believe as one chooses. I would rather applaud you all for your conviction and faith in your chosen religions and faiths. I am quite spiritual and have a love for all humanity, religions, faiths, philosophies, creeds and I would add races yet have to say there is only one human race. We collectively are the entire human race! Colors of skin? Yes there are different colors of skin, as there are many diverse cultures and many different perspectives on our planet.

As I searched my thoughts and feelings over the last few days I have made several observations that I would share. I am not proclaiming them as truth or not truth yet as I sift through the various perspectives and stories throughout history since the beginning of “Christianity” I have to wonder on a whole has Christianity made a positive impact on mankind. The same may be asked of the Muslim faith and the impact it has had and is having on mankind.

Jesus Christ was not a Christian as Christianity did not exist while he was alive, nor did he tote a Bible and preach from it. The Bible as we know it didn’t exist yet the books of the Old Testament did, to my knowledge however he didn’t tote those around and preach from them either. He walked his walk and talked his talk by setting an example for mankind to follow. He turned the other cheek fed the hungry taught men to fish healed the sick and shared his love. He asked us human beings to look inside who we are and treat others with respect love and dignity as we all would like to be treated. He asked that we walk in peace and not to throw stones or to judge others. He never as far as I know told his apostles to go out and through power and might convert and control their fellow man and make them become “Christians”. His way was one of freedom of choice and asking us to look within and be loving beautiful human beings to help one another and forgive if one was wronged by another to share with each other the goodness of life and what the world we stand on has to offer.

I ponder the question of Christianity and has it helped mankind become better human beings? As I look at the history of this religion and the walk it has walked. The cultures it has destroyed the masses that have been killed in the name of “Christ” and there have been many. The Europeans that were tortured and controlled forced to submit to the “will of God”, the Pagans, the Wiccans, the many other cultures and societies that either became Christian or were cleansed by torture or fire. The Indian tribes of South America and North America the “Heathens” that were either exterminated or forced to become civilized “God Fearing Christians” the French and Spanish Inquisitions, the Holy Wars. Even in today’s society the examples I see of extravagant Cathedrals and Temples, churches and those elevating themselves to “Saint” status as they walk pass the starving, the homeless and the ill.

If Jesus was about free will and caring for all humanity and all of creation, acceptance, tolerance, compassion and empathy for others as well as one hundred percent non violent would he even be a Christian? How would he feel about the honor of this tribute to him the religions of Christianity? I am not going to say that there have not been many, many human beings throughout the history of Christianity that have in fact led by example and walked the walk. I am saying however that when I look at the big picture of human beings that call themselves Christians it would appear that they worship a book turn a blind eye and exert control over others by the might of their religious masses and have not apparently gotten the message that Jesus delivered.

I am not sure I have the answer to the question yet it has brought me to another question… Would Jesus be a Christian?

Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and perhaps inspire you to share a few thoughts as I would truly like to have a better answer than I have come to. I am leaning towards a mixed response with no clear cut answer even in my own truth. I suppose that is what acceptance is I accept that it is what it is with all of my love unconditional. There has been much good from the religions of Christianity and much that I would consider not so good. I do know that every man woman and child tortured and killed to establish and create this thing we know as Christianity would bring many tears to the eyes of the one they say is the inspiration behind it. What do you think?

Thank you for being you and sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.


18 thoughts on “Has Christianity helped mankind to become better human beings? Would Jesus be a Christian?

  1. Interesting post Joe 🙂

    I think, that the souls called Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed etc. came to the earth to show us, how to live our lives in harmony. They did not preach for any books etc. Just love and compassion to each other.

    If we compare all of the excisting religions, they have the same rules about, how to behave. I think, that we were sent those souls to different places in different times to let all know how to live a honest life.

  2. Namaste (Aquine) Joe, A believer, believes that Jesus was, is, not a Christian, not the old book of the testament, not the new book of the testament, but the book itself. I Believe! 🙂

  3. I like, nay – admire, the sentiment of your blog, but feel obliged to just correct a minor detail – Jesus did indeed both quote and teach from what we call Old Testament scriptures, and often. However, he reinterpreted them for his day, which is why he got into trouble in Jerusalem. However, this is only a sidebar to the point your post is making.

  4. “Christianity” is not the problem. The problem is how imperfect people interpret it. You could also exchange Buddhism, Judaism Islam or any other religion for Christianity.

  5. I think the problem is human nature… like you said (and gave many good examples of). We’re inclined to be sinful (free choice), and some are much more evil than others, whether they are “religious” or not! Even King Solomon wrote in the Bible that there was “evil in the place of righteousness” (evil in religion – where you would think it shouldn’t be). I do think Christ’s teachings and examples have made people better, but just like anything else, there is substantial evil there too. Really thought provoking post!!

  6. Nice post here, Joe. I think, personally, what the religions of the world need is a new outlook to the cultures that they are playing into. We are viewing new technologies and advancements that regard our societies, but were still lacking the vital piece that plays into the hearts and souls of human beings.


    Thanks for sharing this post.


  7. Super thought provoking post! As a Christian I also think about what Christ did and said and how it impacted the world. Man came up with all the division, the denominations etc… Jesus clearly modeled something different than many Christians practice today. Maybe that is why people ask the question ” why are you Christians so unlike your Christ?”
    With that said, we must not ignore the mission of Christ, his death and resurrection and his very clear words about eternity. In John 14:6 Jesus says that he is the only way to the Father. Not the Buddha, Mohammed, dead prophets, or even thor – We all must answer the question, are we believers in what he said, or do we call him liar, or lunatic? Regardless of how people have acted in His name, if Jesus was telling the truth, we need Him to have forgiveness of sins and spend eternity in heaven. To me , that’s the critical issue. Not evaluating how other people acted throughout history. I don’t think we can talk our way out when we face our creator. The only issue that seems to matter is have we accepted Christ for who he said he is? Its a yes or no answer. That’s what I believe the Bible boils down to.

  8. None of the three mentioned (plus all similar people – all ordinary folk with insight) was Christian, Buddhist or Muslim for obvious reason. What was common to them all, and in the case of Jeshua (Jesus) I discard what was attributed to him to suit the interests of interested parties, was a uniform message.

  9. Joe – I applaud you for your bravery in tackling this subject in a bold and articulate manner. My existence would be far less meaningful if I did not have a true belief in my faith. I’m not strong enough to walk alone in many situations that have been placed in front of me. It’s been my simple prayer: ‘God’s will be done,’ that has gotten me through more difficult days and long nights than I care to remember. Sheri

  10. Excellent post, Joe! In my humble opinion we would do better without organized religions which marginalize, segregate and place us at odds to one another, instead perhaps it would be better to follow the “man” who did indeed lead by example.

  11. The only lasting peaceful change can come from having the courage and strength to question our own deep beliefs while respecting those who think differently. I celebrate your thoughts and writings.

  12. Well, seems to me that I would rather live in a historically Christian country than in any of the others, all things considered. The lifestyles on offer seem superior to me. As to Christianity having changed people, it seems doubtful. However, people trying to be Christian tend to behave beteer en masse than do the rest, from my observations. However, it seems transient …

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