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Inspirational People and events
Huntsman H20 The Lateral Everest — 10,000 yards
Raising awareness and funding for cancer research
June, 12-19 2014

I recently had the gift of having breakfast with a friend and inspirational being that is truly making a difference in our world. Imagine swimming 10,000 yards with one arm. Most would not even attempt to do so with two arms. I know at this moment in time it would be difficult for me to swim 100 yards nonstop, and it would take a few months to get in good enough shape to swim 5,000 yards. I was in awe as my friend shared with me the details of his upcoming event and its purpose.

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First a little about my friend Peter Muller He is 69 years old and a cancer survivor. About 12 years ago he began his battle with sarcoma, a form of cancer that had invaded his right arm. He went through six and a half years of various treatments, including 15 surgeries — the last one to remove his arm. The cancer was persistent and like removing a breast for breast cancer to stop the spread of the cancer he chose to lose his arm and live. I am happy with his choice as are many who know him; Peter is an amazing human being. Born and raised in New York City, Peter has lived an incredible life.

He has worked in the film industry, the hotel industry, traveled the world, as well as organized and made two trips to Nepal to climb mountains in the Himalayas, one of the highest and hardest mountain ranges to climb in the world. He was a ten year old when he had a dream of climbing Mt. Everest. For 28 years he taught people to ski at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah — the last four years with one arm — and I have friends that will say he is one of the greatest skiers they have ever known. He is married to his beautiful wife Lynna for 26 years, his son Zach lives in Montana, and they also have three foster girls in Asia they provide for.

As we spoke, I began to understand the significance of swimming his 10,000 yard challenge, the rough equivalent to the height of Everest. I will say that in my mind it is every bit as much a challenge as the climb would be. I asked Peter what it was that he was inspired by, what inspired him to do the things he does. He smiled and said “People and how they handle adversity, no risk, no reward, and the mountains. Mountains to me represent the journey we take as we live life.” I admire and respect that attitude as I sat with him and listened as he shared his story.
I wanted to share a little about Peter in hopes that it may inspire some of those reading this to support a worthy cause and help fund the much needed research to find a way to cure and eventually end cancer. Most of us know a survivor or two, and I know several. All of them are inspiration to me and many with their love of life and their fellow human beings.

The Huntsman H2O is only one of the events that raise funds for cancer research. I chose this event to write about today out of admiration and being inspired by a beautiful human being and survivor — a true “warrior” in the war against cancer. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is dedicated to eradicating cancer and was founded by John Huntsman who founded it in October of 1995. I hope that all who may read this will stand behind and support the cause; and support this amazing human being as he battles the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest by swimming with only one arm and the soul of a warrior. If Peter can put his heart out there as well as his money, shouldn’t you at least donate a little money and perhaps a little time to cheer him on and save a few million lives in the future?

You can donate here:

Peter and his Team Everest will be swimming June 17-19 from 1-3pm at:
The SLC Sports Complex Steiner Pool (Indoor)
645 S. Guardsman Way
SLC, Utah 84108


Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I hope to have shared a smile as well and perhaps some inspiration. I tried to get the local papers and news to share this yet none responded so I chose to share it here as it is an awesome cause and an amazing story!

Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂