Anna’s smile… ( a change of pace)

This story I share of a lady one quite beautiful as many that I have known, one in an earlier century would have surely sat on a thrown. A queen among the queens of plenty that are my hearts gift, the gift of love the best gift I have ever known it has many shapes and ways to be shown. Then one or two share with you in a way so sublime you wonder if you met in another place and time.
Her smile quite beautiful and loving quite compassionate seeing it one on my face must have naturally grown. She was in troubled situation one I could have never known, free yet controlled by another who shared the children she loved. A trouble I have not had to own much like a barbarian my own king where ever I roam. She like a princess shut away in a castle with an evil tyrant the king bringing nothing but fear and pain oh how she longed to just dance in the rain.
She had to be courageous she had to be strong, for her passionate desires were definitely not wrong, she heard a song in her heart it played a beautiful song one she had been missing and wanting for so long. She found the desire heating her fire one so deep inside her soul one that she couldn’t nor did she want to control something was calling her from deep inside a place she didn’t usually go. She walked a mile in the mist of a spring night cold and cloudy it was he followed her when he realized she was gone her heart was still playing that very beautiful song she was courageous and would be strong. She was filled with a desire and her heart played a beautiful song one she was wanting to hear for so very long.
The first half of an hour on the journey quite they were almost silent most of the time yet I heard a song that a heart was playing and it sounded so divine so close I heard the sound close enough I felt its beat as if coming from the ground. I looked at her with wonder and wondered what was her song after the sight that I had seen having to live with such a spiteful human being. It wouldn’t take too long to know the way she felt as I looked into her eyes surprised I was to see a beautiful sight I had so long wanted to see as I looked into her soul and hers looked back at me.
As we gazed into the stars that we both could see, it felt like we had for thousands of years over many life times found as our lips met together soft and tender as it was my fingers touched her skin her face so soft and cold her on fire heating up the passion deep within crying to be free. The fire she had felt before in another life it seems or was it from her heart as every night she dreamed of an awesome friend and lover as she knew in another century or just a dream she thought as she kissed me. With his touched she moaned and then it seemed she melted as she lay there naked knowing why her played that song. She knew from that kiss and that touch as slowly it moved down how the night was part of her destiny was why she had been so strong.
Destined from the moment when her smile I found we were to be together for at least a few rounds as in our time of our sweet embrace we found that that place of timelessness where the place it matters not. A place where our passions and desires into the fire we both leapt into the place we both missed as parted from the tenderness of our first look and first kiss. The energy that filled the air the lighting in our touch complimented the feeling the melody of the song for which we had both been longing for so long almost like we had heard before in century now gone.
The story changes here for an audience so young, as it was a night where two lovers met and shared an amazing time, in a place of joy and happiness sharing a gift so sublime doing the dance of opposites an act of love that is quite divine. One beyond the measure that surpasses normal space and time that act of love so beautiful as our bodies together were bound nothing else existed our breath the only sound that we could hear and a few chosen sounds and words not for you to hear. One far too beautiful to with words define as only through the centuries our souls have intertwined as our bodies have too one of such beauty words could not describe. A night of passion and love as the starts we did ride as the song heart her played a night she was so strong. A night I heard her hear beat as my heart played along. A song we played for centuries and had been missing for so long.

I wanted to share a different style of expression and change things up perhaps show a little more versatility. I suppose I should probably go find that special lady… 🙂 I have been writing every day trying to finish a book and needing the input and perspective of other people from various perspectives I can produce a better end result. One of the comments I was given recently was my gift of being so versatile and appeal to a broad base was the most important gift I have. I should really get out and network, rub the right elbows meet the right people.

Sometimes it seems we meet people that we seem to know with memories that are quite like in a dream of sorts. I have met several people that were quite what I felt were souls I had known for a very long time. Most have been men that I have met, yet I suppose that the law of attraction would have to at one or two points share a woman. I hope you liked the story..

Thank you for sharing your smiles and letting me share a thought or two. In a different kind of way and thank you all for being the change positive our world so needs. Sharing your love and your smiles you are making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂