Not always as it seems…. a poem

Although happy I may seem
Reaching for the stars and following my dreams
Sometimes I feel sorrow, and wonder what it means

I know I am not alone
Even though at times I feel lonely in a house not a home
Not falling in the despair I used to feel to my bones

Happy is a state of which I am aware
As I follow my dreams along a path traveled by those who dare
I rarely show the sorrow especially to those that care

Sometimes it seems like a carrot dangling from the sky
I almost can reach it and the harder I try
The more I need wings so that I can fly

I share this feeling and this thought
To express that sometimes happy I am not
Even a dreamer in sorrow sometimes gets caught

Tomorrow they say a better day will bring
The magic of a new day a smile will make your heart sing
I choose in each moment to do the right thing

As I sometimes slip into sorrow and wonder what it means
Reaching for the stars and following my dreams
Sometimes I am not so happy or so it would seem

Sharing the truth makes my heart sing
Sometimes even I can feel sorrow and the tear that it brings
Tomorrow will bring a smile and bring better things

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two with you… ( Doris you make me smile…) I won’t forget again or neglect to say thank you. I got it although it took a while 🙂 I always say thank you as it is just what I should do.  If I didn’t do so it would be disrespectful to both you and I.