You are Beautiful… A poem

I want to say you are beautiful as I start this day
Waking up on this so very beautiful day
Staring with beautiful thoughts in a very beautiful way

Beautiful you are as beautiful am I
Beautiful is the ground Beautiful is the sky
Beautiful it is to have a tear of joy in my eye

If I say you are beautiful just a thought I share
I tell you, you are beautiful my way to show I care
I know we are beautiful of this I am aware

If you are a woman or if you are a man
I still think you are beautiful that’s the way I am
I just say you are beautiful because I know I can

Some may flinch at the thought and want to run away
Some may think I am flirting some may think I am gay
I think they are beautiful no matter what they say

I am not flirting even though that is what some think
I drank from the cup of beautiful took a deep drink
I may however smile and return the wink

I wanted to say you are beautiful what a happy sound
As there have been days when in sorrow I could be found
There I found beautiful it rescued me or else I would have drowned

You don’t have to embrace the things I share this way
Or even feel the beauty I share on this beautiful day
I think you are beautiful even if you have not so beautiful things to say

I think you are beautiful the thought I share today
I think you are beautiful in so many ways
I want to say you are beautiful as I start this beautiful day

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, as to mine own self I am true, sharing my smiles with beautiful you. I also want to say thank you for being you, we are all different you see I appreciate that you are different than me. Yet I have to say the differences are few, when you look inside and find the beauty of being you we all have a common bond one that none can deny. We are all human beings sharing the earth and sky if we share it with respect of every living thing what a beautiful place it will be for you and me. Thank you for being the positive change our world needs sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place. Thank you for being beautiful you and the smile on my face! 


24 thoughts on “You are Beautiful… A poem

  1. Sorry Joe I’m a little late with this answer? 😦
    An interesting read quite informative and enlightening.
    I am curious did the monument get corrected as to allow dignity and honor as it so deserves?
    Thank you for sharing this truth and your heart in doing so. 🙂 Joe
    Not quite sure whose monument you are asking about?
    I am heading out to the doctors today,
    just a few test however a long drive through loads of crazy traffic so I am sure that I will be very tired.
    please let me know and I will get back to you? 🙂
    Just now got back to this post?
    Call me quick, sorry trip to doctor and back, I plain forgot.
    We the will never allow people to know where our leaders are buried because we know that as soon as we do our leaders will be in museums

    • You had spoken of a monument where the name of the great Chief and Sachem was miss spelled. I had wondered if they ever corrected the spelling. I will go and look for the post that I read and see if that helps.

    • You are quite welcome and thank you for visiting as well my humble pages.. I appreciate you taking the time to do so and to share the sentiment in the lovely comment I am most grateful for. Blessings to you Natalie:)

  2. Joe, this is fine work with heartfelt sentiment, i can feel genuine emotion pouring forth. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your generous liking of my poems, i appreciate it deeply and i send my very best to you

    • John thank you so very much for the wonderful comment and compliment I truly enjoyed reading some of your poems and look forward to reading many more! 🙂 I send my best to you as well! Thank you again I do appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughst..:)

  3. Hello Joe, this is simply beautiful! I am touched by your words of beauty in every aspect! Thank you for visiting, and the like on my blog. I will be back. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts I appreciate the comment and compliment! I am happy that you took the time to share such a wonderful sentiment and that you liked the piece! Namaste 🙂

  4. Hello, my name is Gregory Thomas, I’m a writer and poet, and post my work on my blog at “” I just wanted to thank you for liking one of my stories on my blog. thank you very much! I don’t possess the know how, or money to make a book out of my work, if perhaps you know anybody that could help me, please do let me know, also thanks again. It’s my passion to make people smile through my writing, I wish you the best of luck as well


    Gregory Thomas

    • Hi Gregory, I enjoyed very much reading part of your story and intend to visit and read the other parts you have posted. There are a great number of resources that you can take advantage of to assist you in regards to getting your works published. I would recommend getting your poems together in a manuscript, then asking for some feedback. You can always self publish, it does take a great deal of effort and work to write a book then self publish. Gretchen Reuben is a fellow blogger that has written extensively on the subject here on WordPress, perhaps take a look at her blog. I would be happy to help you in anyway I can. Thank you for your visit your taking the time to comment and your extending your hand in friendship. I wish you the best as well and look forward to seeing where your writing adventures Takes you!



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