You are Beautiful… A poem

I want to say you are beautiful as I start this day
Waking up on this so very beautiful day
Staring with beautiful thoughts in a very beautiful way

Beautiful you are as beautiful am I
Beautiful is the ground Beautiful is the sky
Beautiful it is to have a tear of joy in my eye

If I say you are beautiful just a thought I share
I tell you, you are beautiful my way to show I care
I know we are beautiful of this I am aware

If you are a woman or if you are a man
I still think you are beautiful that’s the way I am
I just say you are beautiful because I know I can

Some may flinch at the thought and want to run away
Some may think I am flirting some may think I am gay
I think they are beautiful no matter what they say

I am not flirting even though that is what some think
I drank from the cup of beautiful took a deep drink
I may however smile and return the wink

I wanted to say you are beautiful what a happy sound
As there have been days when in sorrow I could be found
There I found beautiful it rescued me or else I would have drowned

You don’t have to embrace the things I share this way
Or even feel the beauty I share on this beautiful day
I think you are beautiful even if you have not so beautiful things to say

I think you are beautiful the thought I share today
I think you are beautiful in so many ways
I want to say you are beautiful as I start this beautiful day

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, as to mine own self I am true, sharing my smiles with beautiful you. I also want to say thank you for being you, we are all different you see I appreciate that you are different than me. Yet I have to say the differences are few, when you look inside and find the beauty of being you we all have a common bond one that none can deny. We are all human beings sharing the earth and sky if we share it with respect of every living thing what a beautiful place it will be for you and me. Thank you for being the positive change our world needs sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place. Thank you for being beautiful you and the smile on my face! 