‘Redskins’ Team Name ‘Hurtful Reminder’

Something to think about… If it were my family and my heritage I may feel the same. Offensive is offensive, perhaps this similar to the “N” word no?


Washington ‘Redskins’ Team Name ‘Hurtful Reminder’ To Native Americans.

OK this fight has been going on for far too long and not enough people seem to care?

The only ones writing about change are Native Americans and all that they are doing is shaking the Red Necks out of their trees?

There is only one way to hit this enemy of the first people of this country, hit him where it hurts, by taking away some of the money!

You will never be able to change the mind of a races pig, if you do not believe me come take a ride with me around all of the southern states and even some northern states that never had slaves or slave owners!

Ask your fellow African-Americans if they would join together and not one single person with ancestors of the first people of the land or ancestors of past slaves…

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One thought on “‘Redskins’ Team Name ‘Hurtful Reminder’

  1. The best solution to this is for both sides to let go and the next best thing is for one side to let go. Whoever lets go wins!

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