Mom … A poem for my mom.

I am grateful for your gift to me
As I free fall into my destiny
Thank you for your love
Thank you for believing in me
As I brake the chains
Being the spirit I was meant to be
Thank you for believing in me
I will meet my fate and you will see
The dreams I chase as I fall free
You are the only one who believed in me

At times no one else did not even me
Thank you for believing in me
Helping become who I was meant to be
The love you gave unconditionally
Thank you for believing in me
I love you mom thank you for having me

Thank you for allowing me to share this thought. My mom is awesome and although she will never read this… I wrote it for her and had to share it in honor of her.

18 thoughts on “Mom … A poem for my mom.

    • Thank you, I am grateful for your kind words and the sentiment behind them… We all have a great gift in our moms! Yours must be awesome to have raised such a beautiful man! 🙂

    • I was trying not to think about and 😦 I went to the park I used to go to as a kid, they took out the swings as seems to be the new wave of safety and injury protection in this state and city. To many kids get hurt on them… Apparently swinging is unsafe!

      I sat and watched the kids play and reminisced of the “good old days”. When I get out to visit my daughter in PA where they still have swings I will make up for it and swing with my daughter and granddaughter for a day!

      Thank you for asking and thank you for the comment the compliment and for the smiles! 🙂

      Did you get to swing yet?

      • Awh Joe that is so bittersweet for you I am sure! Wow no swinging. I truly believe swinging and dreaming go together. Well you should buy yourself a big people swing. I’ve been looking at them at Lowe’s then I can swing whenever I want to.
        No I did not swing yet but I love that you went to look for a place to swing. I hope you are doing ok and have a blessed week! 🙂

      • I am doing quite well thank you and hope you are as well…. I have quite a week ahead, I am reading at a book unveiling and getting ready for an art expo next week… I hope you have an amazing week and a truly blesssed one as well. You are quite awesome.. Can I come and swing with you? 🙂

      • I just said that anytime you wanted to swing I’m up for a swing! I love that you have an art exhibit and a book unveiling. You have to tell me of your books. Yay for you! 🙂

  1. oh my that made me tear up! Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts about your mother and honoring her in this way—-and might i add, not waiting until Mother’s day but posting it right away, honoring her right away.

    • Thank you and yes it was spontaneous and heart felt. I will write a Mother’s Day poem for Mother’s Day. Today my mom touched my heart in such a beautiful way I had to say what I had to say. She has never attended an event or read a poem, or article any of my siblings or I have participated in, she is so proud and would tear up. She doesn’t want anyone to see her cry even if the tears are of joy. I love her dearly and as I noted she will not read this yet I send that love and energy through the world and Universe she will feel it and know I expressed my love in a wonderful way. Thank you for the smiles and sharing the love! 🙂

    • Thank you that was quite awesome of you to re blog and I thought of the earth as well mothers are they both! Thank you so much for the beautiful smiles and sentiment you shared with me it is an honor and I am quite humbled! 🙂

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