I have been working on writing my book and needed to take a few minute break. The thoughts of what I am writing about still are somewhat lingering on my mind. As I thought about the fact, I had been neglecting my blogs I recalled a recent comment a friend and fellow blogger made. As I asked or mentioned I was a Mystic, his comment was that it was a label and not anything other than a label, I agree and thought I would share some thoughts about labels that I have been writing about. Do you allow someone to label you?

When someone calls you a name or makes a statement about you what is your reaction?

If someone calls you worthless, do you accept label?

If some one calls you unworthy, do you accept that label?

If someone says you are ugly, do you accept that label?

If some one calls you a vulgar name do you accept that label?

If some one calls you beautiful do you accept that label?

I had a long battle with labels in my life most of them in my youth, that as a child I didn’t know how to handle or deal with. I accepted many labels from family, friends, my church, society that did more damage to my self esteem than I could have imagined. As a child just learning about life those labels shaped and affected much of my life and many of my relationships. The fear of burning in hell, the feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of being ugly, the feeling of being worthless all things that I was labeled with either directly with words or the insinuation of those labels by many. We all have been through and experienced being labeled. We even label ourselves often without realizing it and good bad or ugly those labels have an effect on us and those we encounter.

I find myself looking in a mirror at times when someone has attempted to label me or even has labeled me. I often look at my smile and ask do you believe that? Are you—– or are you a loving kind person. As an adult I learned the hard way we do have choices in all we do what we do is our choice, not my kids, not my parents, not my girlfriends, the choice I make are mine. The church may label me as unworthy, for the actions I have taken, my dad may have labeled me worthless, my former wife may have labeled me an ass@#$@, the prom queen may have said I was ugly and had dumbo ears…. I don’t have to accept any of those labels. I can choose to accept them and let them bring me down for years on end and keep me from what I see in that mirror. There have been times I was scared to look in the mirror.. Hell I don’t want to look at ugly! When I finally do look in the mirror, well the one thing I don’t see is ugly. If you are allowing someone to label you perhaps you might look in the mirror and ask yourself honestly what you see. Not what the person that labeled you sees ,what you see and then take the label, and toss it in the trash. Good, bad or ugly, throw it away and choose who you want to be, be you the only label that fits.

I am simple me…. who else could I be?

Thank you for sharing your time and allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your love and your smiles making it a better place for all we share it with.. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Labels…

  1. Great post and lots to think about. I would refuse most of those labels except that I am beautiful hopefully they mean the beauty within especially. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am humbled. Oliana

    • Oliana, it is a gift you chose to share in reading and commenting on my post and have read some of my pages. I am humbled as well and yes I appreciate when someone labels me as beautiful as well yet still have the choice to accept it or not. I for many years didn’t embrace that label out of accepting some of the other labels… I am grateful for your taking the time and appreciate you sharing such beautiful thoughts in such a positive way! Loved your poem genuinely! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you Ian… You obviously had some inspiration in my writing this post. I am curious have you read William Brugh Joy’s book “Joy’s way”? If you did what did you feel about it? Or better what was your perception? Do you have Clairvoyant gifts?

  2. Oh the things labels can do to us when we accept them as truths rather than examining them to see if they are true or just another persons mean spirit coming through or a person who feels they must label others badly to try to increase their own self esteem. I have fallen into that trap of acceptance many, many times, and spend a lot of time trying to undo the damage, sometimes successfully and others I still struggle with. I am not sure I will every understand why we succumb to the mean spirit s and the opinions of others without examining the situation fully. thanks for this post Joe!

    • Thank you Elaine for sharing your thoughts, I agree with you and have battled the labels myself. I have been changing and becoming me rather than what others have labeled me or the labels I accepted that shaped a good part of my life. I have been writing a book about the changes in my life and the gift of knowing and loving me. The truth is much of the labels I accepted and the damage done by doing so were what stopped me from loving me as I never even questioned some of them that came from the most respected of places, Religion was next to my family the most influential and damaging. We all have our own values and place levels of value on perspectives of others and the religious perspective is for many the most powerful… None of us wants to burn in hell or feel unworthy of Gods love…

      • None of us is unworthy of Gods love Joe. He loves all of his children and he forgives any sins we commit if we just ask Him into our hearts and ask for His forgiveness. I agree that Religion is very influential and can be damaging, but religion and being a Christian, loving God and following him are different things.

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