Happy Mothers Day Daughter poem… And a smile

My most viewed post… I wanted to share that I have an ETSY shop and am selling this lovely poem framed with several frame options at my shop Artisticlyxpressed if you have a daughter you would like to share a work of art that may be enjoyed and displayed for many years..

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A poem just to share one, maybe I can even get a job writing them… J

Once you were my baby girl

Bringing great joy into our little world

My beautiful daughter now you give it a whirl

A mother you are and on this Mother’s Day

It is with great pleasure and pride I say

The gift of being a mother can never be taken away

When you were a child a little girl to me

A little Princess in a dress for the world to see

The smile on your face, the hugs and kisses all free

As you are now, a most beautiful lady

My daughter for eternity

Happy Mother’s Day with love


I thought I would share this as the past few days I have had more views from search engines than anywhere else. The searches have all been about mother’s…

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day Daughter poem… And a smile

  1. This is just fantastic! What a wonderful story. I agree with you. I am the woman I am because of all the Grief and joy. I wouldn’t be the same woman if I would have made different choices. Had I not been a nurse and an activist, I wouldn’t be here if I had been guided to different forks in the road. Though it has not all been good I can look around me and know I did my best within each moment. Hugs, Barbara

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