Wanted to share a smile.. New Consciousness Expo 2014

I wanted to share a thought or two after having an awesome day spent with a wonderful community of inspirational and wonderful people, spiritual people, healers of many types, and those who have chosen to be consciously aware of who they are and what they contribute to our world and communities by spreading that awareness and how to become more aware.

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day, very much an inspirational and positive day for myself and many people in my area. For me it was my first time attending a Consciousness Expo. The New Consciousness Expo 2014 presented by Quantum NLP was sponsored by a group of sponsors including Lotus everything from angels to zen http://www.ilovelotus.com, Move Utah Real Estate, Transformation Station, and Playing Games with Purpose.
For those that have not attended such an expo I would like to say it was an amazing event. There were a large number of booths with various vendors and various groups sharing a message of consciousness and awareness. Some very inspirational speakers as well gave presentations and speeches on many subjects regarding awareness and inspiration in a modern and informed world. All kinds of healing professionals and spiritual masters of many kinds were present speaking and interacting in a community event that was quite positive and energetic to those that participated.

I met a great many people and shared some thoughts as well as making some new friends. I also found one person that answered a question that I have asked of many over the years of my journey so for me it was an exceptional day spent with many people of like mind. There are many that I would like to say thank you to yet this perhaps is not the proper venue to do so. The light workers that participated were all quite awesome!

The question for those who are curious.. What is the sacrifice of two earthen bowls and how does one perform such sacrifice? Is it metaphorical or actually a physical practice?

The answer well do you even really want to know? I kind of doubt it, unless you are truly wanting to understand your place in the Universe then you will find where the question lies and if you get there come ask me the question and I will share the answer with you.
I will however say thank you to one special person as I can not single out all those that participated I would like to say thank you to the lady that organized the event. Her name is Christiane Turner an author, NLP Trainer, Coach and consultant she did an amazing job in organizing the event and bringing such a large and diverse group of groups that promote and share positive energy in our world and the local community.

If you have the opportunity to attend such an event I encourage you to do so there is something for everyone yet not all will like everything that is shared there is only a positive message shared by every group involved. Some of my favorites were the Shamanistic groups several were present, the Reiki groups also several were present and the aura painting booth brought a great smile as well as an intriguing look at what another sees.
I would just like to say if you have the opportunity to go to an expo like this in your area it is an excellent way to spend the day with some very beautiful and inspirational human beings. The speakers were all quite awesome and my only problem was they had three different areas they were speaking in at the same time and I didn’t get to see them all.
Thank you for sharing your time here with me it is appreciated and I am most grateful for your presence. I hope you enjoyed your visit and would like to say thank you all for being the positive change our world so much needs by sharing your smiles and your love. Thank you! 


PS I will be catching up on all the wonderful comments that have been pouring in and reading the latest and greatest from you all soon. I am still handing out awards to many of the blogs I follow and read as well as getting ready for an art expo and working on a book… Tomorrow I am sitting down with the DR.s of English Literature in my area for some critique… Hope you are all having an amazing day.. I am 🙂