The light I find… A poem

Through the infinite space and time
Beyond the comprehension of my simple mind
In the silent darkness the light that shines
My connection my soul divine

From that place within so bright
Dwells not darkness only light
From that place there is only right
Only knowing love not fear not fright

I see only when I am blind
No misery no evil no mankind
In the silent darkness the light that shines
My connection my soul divine

Beyond this life of earthly being
With no eyes I am seeing
The beauty of the silence singing
The love of all my soul is bringing

From the place that I love best
All I desire to manifest
Time slows down yet never rests
Life to enjoy is not a test

As I align with the inner me
I become truly free
Creating my own destiny
Becoming what I came to be

The treasures that I create
Only the experiences may I take
When I pass through the gate
I choose to make them loving and great

I came to enjoy my dreams
To have the things being human brings
The love of a lover the passion as it sings
The physical touch of physical things

As I travel this journey of mine
Beyond the comprehension of my simple mind
Sharing the treasures that I find
With my connection my soul divine
In the silent darkness with the light that shines

Thank you all for allowing me to share a thought or two, I had posted a post recently that has made me look for an answer in my depths and as I listen haven’t truly found that answer yet. I will be getting back to the comments that have been shared on that post I have to say for the moment I am being kind of selfish and need to meditate before I share my thoughts on that post.

I thought in the mean time I would share a few thoughts as I embrace what I am inclined to see as I ponder my life as a human being. Nothing is mine to take when I leave everything is on loan to me even the body I am using will eventually be gone only my thoughts will carry on those I share and those that are remembered or created by what others see in their thoughts of me. Thank you for allowing me to share them and sharing them with me.

Thank you for being you and sharing the positive things you do, you are the positive change that is making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂 Thank you!