Plato? Is the heart as important to quiet as the mind….


I wanted to share a thought or two inspired by one of the Greats… I love Plato and his way of provoking thoughts and making us question our own truths by asking the questions.


I had written in my previous post about quieting the heart and its validity as far as finding inner peace. A comment made me ask the question of myself and I would like to throw it out to you the people who share with and read my shared thoughts. I am curious by nature a Pandora of sorts always opening boxes and not wanting to be contained in one. A free spirit of sorts yet one that embraces the divine.

Was the journey and path chosen by Buddha a path of thought or perhaps a path of the heart. Did he seek his truth about the pain and suffering that exists and thrives in all of life motivated by thought or by the pure love of all that resonated in his heart? In the end as he found his truth was it purely a state of inner peace in his mind or consciousness as a state of heart and mind? Is consciousness and being aware just a state of mind or a combination of heart and mind. Can the heart feel sorrow and the mind feel peace? Do they co exist sorrow and peace? Can one have joy of heart and sadness in the mind?

Was Jesus the Johny Appleseed of mankind planting the seeds of acceptance and unconditional love that have been growing and blooming changing the way we evolve. Perhaps the many prophets and Lords we embrace were the greatest farmers of all time.

Just asking…


Thank you for sharing your time with me and allowing me to share a thought or two I am grateful and appreciate your presence and the smiles you bring. I also thank you for being the positive change our world needs making it a better place for all we share it with.:)