The path of mean…Peace… A poem

Stillness in my mind
Inner peace brings
Quieting my heart
Allows it to sing
Quiet and still
In the dark
From nothingness
Creating the light
From where life starts

The spring
Under the mountain grows
From it the brook
Then the river flows
To the ocean that brings life
To all living things

Still be my mind
Quiet be my heart
Darkness to light
Spring to river flow
Letting the life within me grow
Learning to live with everything
Peace is the path of mean

I choose to share a thought or two, about my journey as I learn who I am and grow. I have studied many things religion, philosophy, history, my own path of travel and experiences have inspired me with ancient wisdom aided by technology. Many lessons there are that have been shared about meditation and stillness of the mind and the inner peace you find.
I found it somewhat Ironic as the trend of follow your heart and reach for your dreams is the path to become what you want and be who you are is one I had so embraced. I had not even considered that my heart may take me to the wrong place. As I learned and studied some very ancient texts and regularly measure my energies in various ways, that the mastery of my mind and thoughts was not the end of the process or the beginning. We not only are what we think nor are thoughts the only way we co create our realities. It seems as we become more aware of the power of our hearts the more we are aware of the influence of our hearts and emotions have on what we create.
I listen to a variety of spiritual teachers and “gurus” and “enlightened ones” I admire their conviction and the way they embrace their beliefs and share their paths and knowledge to allow us the same realizations of inner peace, prosperity, having what we want by attracting it. I believe these things are all true yet one thing for me was missing one teaching un taught.
I consulted an ancient text, a divination tool I use for learning and understanding my own polarity and energy. I had come across an ancient text that resonated in my heart as I have an open mind and have an understanding of the power of the heart. It had mentioned something that no other had referenced and shed some light on my growth and spiritual journey. ‘To quite ones heart is a difficult task yet one that must be mastered to know the superior man and bring success, good fortune for the superior man the end of the inferior man.’ To master my mind is becoming easier with conscious effort and practice, my heart however is quite another story. I am learning a deeper side to inner peace and the laws of my inner being or higher self. Perhaps my heart has been tainted by my ego or perhaps all the natural feelings in my heart are not all for the good? All things are inherently good so perhaps the natural side of my heart is good and has good intentions yet not all good intentions or good things are of a higher nature.
As I learn to be the best me I can be, or as the Eastern philosophies would call becoming a superior man I begin to understand it is not all about silence and the mastery of ones mind. The quieting of ones heart is far more complex and far more valuable to my understanding of my higher self, than I had ever considered. Over the years my heart as my mind have been conditioned in the same way as my mind through experiences and observations along the journey. To quiet the heart is a gift I choose to embrace yet has been more of a challenge than being still in my mind. I can not make my heart still nor can I force it to comply with my mind or my will, to stifle it will cause it to suffocate and become hard and brittle. The only way that has been shared is to gently love away the past and gently rock it and hold it bringing comfort allowing it to become quiet of its own accord.
By a still mind and a quiet heart true peace is found, the path of mean, the line between heaven and earth the way of the Tao, the footsteps of God the path of least resistance the law of the universe the knowing of the higher self, finding my soul. Has been an interesting lesson to find and one I am learning and embracing, everyday I learn how much I do not know. The less I know the more I grow. Just a thought from a simple man and a different perspective some may find interesting and even helpful as they seek inner peace and learn who they are and what is their truth.

Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile or two. I also want to thank you all for sharing your time with me and for sharing your love and your smiles being the positive change our world needs. You are making a difference and making our world a better place for all we share it with, thank you! 

8 thoughts on “The path of mean…Peace… A poem

  1. A really thoughtful poem Joe.
    It is not easy to find the inner peace, all we can do is practice and practice again. Experience by life is the only way to grow, if we want to lesson of course. Thanks for sharing Joe 🙂

    • Irene, I am grateful and appreciate you wonderful comment and compliments. Yes it is one day one minute one thought and feeling at a time we either learn and grow or repeat till we learn and grow.Either way the lesson is there for the taking or not taking… Thank you for sharing as well Irene! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post about an important new insight on examining and learning with our heart, not just our mind. Very thought provoking! I read through to try and satisfy my curiosity on your observation that “not all good intentions or good things are of a higher nature” but you didn’t elaborate on what you mean by that. I’m curious because I believe the ego is a masterful deceiver and can ‘sound like’ our higher nature wanting this or that, but if we really listen we notice it’s not actually the purity of our essence that is generating longing or any other feeling in the heart that may not be for the highest good of all concerned. Just a ‘Gina observation’ for you Joe, as if we are sharing a cup of tea at a table and you’ve presented this excellent conversation to contribute to. I have truly enjoyed your writing here. Thank you again!

    • Gina you are awesome and I would love to have had this conversation over a cup of tea! I would have to say the best example I can think of would be the loss of someone you loved. When you lose someone you love the feelings of loss and sorrow are not form your mind at least that is my feeling, I can for example say I know my dad is in a better place and know he is that will quite my mind and thoughts there is no ego in that true pure feeling of loss. I can all day quiet my mind and be still in thought yet the feeling of sadness or sorrow still fills my being. I have been told I am a very powerful empath
      as I walk into a room of people I do not know I can feel energy and expel energy we all can. If I walk into a room and am smiling yet the depth of my being is in a place of sorrow and producing the energy of sorrow the whole room may suddenly shift and that energy will be dominant and take away my smile… Even if in my thoughts I want to share joy and smiles my heart felt sorrow is far more powerful than my mind in expressing and creating what I am living in that moment.

      I watched a ted talk shared by another blogger about a heart surgeon and her experiences holding a human heart and the observances over the years such as the moment of death and the energy leaving the heart the soul if you will leaving the physical body. The most profound example of what I have learned and embraced from the talk was the “broken heart” the one that is truly broken by loss of a loved one. The upper heart functions allowing the blood to flow yet the lower half is dormant, the body lives yet every aspect of that persons life is changed and the dominant sorrow and sadness takes over. I know that these occurrences are not ego based. They are true expressions of the heart and although from the purest place of love are not necessarily in the best interest of the good of all. Yet in a way good for the heart experiencing and sharing the love that is conveyed for that loss. Like the man who’s wife dies and he dies a week later leaving behind his children and grandchildren who needed and loved him so. If he could have quieted his heart perhaps he would have for the good of all those involved been there for many more years sharing his higher self and his higher love with those who needed and loved him so. Just a Joe Observation… Love you Gina and your sharing of your beautiful observations and heart! 🙂 I will do some research and find that post and ted talk and write a post inspired by your comment. The Buddha went on his spiritual journey to understand and learn how to find peace in his heart by finding inner peace in his mind yet the journey took so long and in the end it was a balance of inner peace of mind and heart I believe he found. Thank you for the inspiration and the thought provoking comment and question!

      Joe 🙂

      • Incredible explanation Joe! You truly are a gifted empath, and I am grateful for this wonderful reply. It has helped me understand more deeply that although we may quiet our mind and truly enter stillness, our heart may ‘have its own agenda’ and might be holding on to grief for example. Excellent example of the gentleman who dies in grief over the loss of his wife when he could’ve stayed for those still here if he could have ‘quieted’ his heart. Amazing insights my friend, and I am so thankful! Bless that big healthy beautiful heart of yours! Cheers (with our tea!) Gina

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