Tina Turner… Peace


I came across this on you tube and was moved to share it. I am undergoing some dental work and am not up to writing a real post of any substance. I do however wish to say thank you all for your support and the smiles you bring. I will be better able to share my beautiful smile in a couple of days… lol a smile I am looking forward to once again sharing 🙂

Thank you all for allowing me to share a thought or in this case a beautiful side of Tina Turner I had not seen from such a beautiful and talented Tina Turner before I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your smiles and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with 🙂 Joe

11 thoughts on “Tina Turner… Peace

  1. Praying for a painless procedure as you finish up this work. You bring smiles to so many, you deserve to have a beautiful smile in which to smile back. I hope all goes well. ~Skye

    • Thank you Skye… You are awesome as are the beautiful prayers and gifts you share! I appreciate and am grateful you choose to share such beauty with me and all you share with in our world… You are a gift to me and certainly bring many smiles! Thank you 🙂

  2. Warmest wishes for a peaceful procedure and speedy recovery, back to sharing your light-filled smile Joe. And thank you for this amazing share – I’d never heard this before. Lovely! ~Gina

    • Thank you Gina, your words and wishes are a great comfort and even bring a smile through the narcotic reduced pain! I appreciate your kindness and the smiles you bring with your beautiful and heart felt wishes! Thank you..:) 🙂

    • Thank you Sue… Your healing thoughts have an awesome effect as well as bring a great smile… yes Tina is amazing and this side of her I had not seen. Thanks Sue I hope your weekend was an awesome one filled with love and joy! 🙂 Joe

    • Neeky… You are quite a kind and sweet friend, thank you for your wishes and your kindness! 🙂 I am most grateful for all you share in such a beautiful way thank you! 🙂

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