Dee… A poem and a story

You called my name when you were in pain

Your heart all but broken the tears made it plain

I wondered as the tears they fell

Like a downpour a heavy falling rain

Many you have loved and watched them walk away

The ones you cared for deeply are married to someone else

One on this very day

The gift you always wanted for which you often prayed

You cried your tears of sorrow expressed you dismay

Told me you were unworthy and ugly what terrible things to say

I listened with love as you shared your thoughts in your hurt way

Waiting for your tears to wash it all away

I asked when you had started to slow down

What is that you see

 why is it that you called

and shared these tears with me

You are a beautiful woman

 it what is inside that counts

even if you are not like a supermodel

 weighing less than an ounce

You are far from ugly and more than worthy

I asked you to look in the mirror

Then tell me what you see

I see the beautiful woman that you have grown to be

It is an honor you share when you were feeling hurt and all alone

That you chose to see you when you called me on the phone

The soul you have inside you so brightly it has shown

Mirrored in the love of the soul I call my own

Thank you Dee for calling my name when you were in pain

I hope that you don’t feel that way again

I hope you remember beauty is quite often found in the rain

Your soul is beautiful love always there remains

I choose to share a thought or two and in this instance I am just going to say what I have to say in the best way I know how. Recently I have been given what to me are some of the highest honors and compliments a simple man like me can be given. I share this post to express the sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of friendship and love I have been given by some very beautiful people. Love is the highest of honor one can share with another there is no golden medal or pile of money that reaches my soul in such a way as having a friend call or express how much my being there or the words I have shared have helped them in some way. One of those gift was a phone call from a friend.

Dee is a beautiful young lady 37 years old, she battles low self esteem and weight issues often make her question herself as well as hurt herself. My friend has done much work on herself and come far in realizing who she really is,” a spiritual being having a human experience” is how she views her life. She has taken many courses and spent much time learning who she is,  she is a martial arts instructor as well as a spiritual adviser and medium. One of the few people I know personally that truly embraces the inner truth of spirit.

Dee was having a rough few days as she watched her “facebook feed” seeing some of the men she had dated and loved that had walked away. One of those feeds hit her especially hard her last boyfriend and lover left her saying he was not ready for a real relationship and was interested in a casual sex kind of thing. A month later he was announcing his engagement to his new girlfriend, as well as introducing her to the world in a picture of them as a couple on facebook. She was a year older than Dee and as my beautiful friend put it.. she was very beautiful had a gorgeous body and was everything that she wanted to be.

As Dee cried and slammed herself for her physical body expressed her lack of worthiness and her feeling of ugliness I listened not believing these words were coming out of her mouth. After an hour of her letting it out and letting the tears fall I shared with her my thoughts. I asked her why she called me of all people, she is basically a social worker and has many friends and support mechanisms. She paused as I expressed my love and my knowing who she was.. Dee knows that truth as I reminded her that the most beautiful woman grows old and the beauty of her physical form fades. She expressed she knew that yet she did not match her inner beauty and her outer beauty were not the same and how she kept getting dumped by men she really wanted to be with because she was overweight and ugly. She expressed that every former boyfriend was married or about to be and she felt so unworthy. I reminded her that such a superficial man and relationship would not make her happy anyway.

The twist.. I asked her what about me? We dated I am quite single are you calling me to make a statement? Her response was priceless.. She said I called you because” I know you love me and you remind me of how beautiful I am. I know many people that would say the right words and wipe my tears. I know on this world only a hand full of people that know their self and only one I could call to see the mirror of me. I knew you would ask me to look inside at myself to see the beauty of who I am.”

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I chose to share and express sometimes just being who we are is the greatest gift we can share. That smile or that comment can change and effect the life of another that so truly needs a bit of pure from the heart appreciation and love. My smile as broken as it is at the moment was all my friend needed to see the beauty of her own. Thank you for sharing your smiles and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with.

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