Bright.. A poem

Deep in the depth of all there is

From the depth of the Universe

Light and darkness give

Their purpose for all to see

 Endless infinite for eternity

Energy flowing ceaselessly

Flowing through everything as it should be

 Choose to be shallow Choose to be deep

You plant the seeds of what you seek

The depth of what you choose is what you reap

The depth I choose for me

Deep in the darkness

In the light not many ever choose to see

In the depth of the Universe that resides in me

I wish to express a thought or two in my way, inspired as I shared dinner and conversation with a new friend his name is Paul. I have been wondering at times about my choices and the path I am on as sometimes I don’t seem to be producing the results I had expected or desired to see. I recently watched a video of an Abraham Hicks session that expressed the universe always provides indicators of where you are in relationship to alignment with your inner self or higher being, what ever one chooses to call your soul.

I had the gift of such affirmation when I spent the day helping a friend move and after the move I was taken to dinner. We were about to head out the door and a friend of my friend called saying he was heading out of town after his weekend of National Guard duty and would like to have dinner. What a gift in so many ways was this day.. I have many friends that have very deep spiritual roots they embrace. Several are Native American that happen to be Shamans today I made a new friend that is a Native American and a Shaman. Funny how we ask questions and an answer comes in the most unexpected and mysterious way.

When my friend asked if I minded sharing a meal with a friend I had no idea how that meal and new friend would provide me with such a beautiful gift and energy shared on a grand scale.

Have you ever sat down with someone you just met and had them just know who you were in less than 5 minutes? Have you known who they were in the same time? Paul said” you are very deep” I smiled and responded as are you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and taking the time to do so. I am grateful and appreciate your presence and for being the positive change our world so needs. Thank you for sharing your smiles and your love they do change the world for you and those you share with. Thank you for sharing some with me and allowing with a little hope me to share some with you. 🙂 Joe


5 thoughts on “Bright.. A poem

  1. Always a gift are your poems and thoughts. I love when God puts someone in our lives unexpectedly that affects us deeply in the way your dinner companion did. I am blessed to hear you had such an experience. Thank you for sharing your heart with us…..Skye

    • Skye, Thank you for being such a wonderful and unexpected gift, you have affected my life deeply as well with your kindness and your wonderful heart. I am grateful for the Beautiful people that have taken the time to share such beauty with me. 🙂 Joe

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