Extra Extra Read All About It!

I had to share this and help a new friend, it appears that with a few more visitors and a few more views a new level of smiles will be reached and a record broken… Either way this post .. If you don’t laugh by the end of the page I would be surprised. Laughter and smiles are great medicine as is helping someone reach a goal! 🙂


I kinda miss the days of clipping cool articles…I suppose that is what Pinterest is all about these days…that sounds really old doesn’t it?!

Remember clipping magazine photos and articles.  I remember I had a large scrapbook and I seem to remember I clipped a photo of the couples from ABBA.  The I cut a zig zag between each couple (because they split) and wrote something very very lame above the pictures.  Looked pretty weird.  Weirdo.

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One thought on “Extra Extra Read All About It!

  1. My one time neighbour used to feed the magpies (in Australia crow-like pied birds) daily and they used to bring their young to him for the day while they went foraging etc. He had moved next door to me from a flat about a mile away but the birds knew to where he moved. At about 3 a.m. one day he died and the magpies did not appear that day or on any day thereafter!

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