The Perfect Heart

A heart felt story, and one I can truly embrace… Ladybluerose has a very beautiful heart and a very beautiful gift for sharing some love in our world. This post I had to share as a man with many scars on his heart the story resonates within me and many who have loved and become beautiful in their hearts,,,

A thought to ponder… Bumper stickers and Cake..

I am going to go a direction with this post that may not or may sit well with some people. I am not trying to seem or be judge mental in what I choose to share in this post it is actually an expression of love for all the human beings I share this life and earth with.

A while back several years ago there was a very common thought expressed and many cars shared that thought with a bumper sticker… ” What would Jesus do?”

It is somewhat ironic that as I observe the debate in Utah as well as the recent act of ignorance in Arizona over the same sex marriages and rights of those that are in same sex relationships. In Utah several of the cities or municipalities have chosen to support the rights of all and not to discriminate based on race, creed or sexual preference. The state legislators have chosen to just wait and see as they debate what is appropriate and what is not as far as laws are concerned.  Personally I feel they are waiting for the Mormon Church to take a stand and either accept it for what it is or to play hard ball in the name of “God” and what the religious right perceives is “Gods” word.

It seems to me that the right wing politicians and some of the people that are quite religious are somewhat fanatical in there attempts to force the population to follow their ideology and embrace their concept of morality to the exclusion of the rights of those that may not embrace such concepts. Why do we need a law to protect the rights of the people or the business’s from or for being who they are.. if a store or business in a community chooses to not serve the community in an open way and serve all that are in the community so be it. The community will just shop at another store or business who wants to shop where they are not wanted…

As I watched a news report about a baker in Arizona who chose to be the one to “Make a stand in the name of his lord and God” refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. He made national news and spoke his piece yet it cost his family as well as him his business and lively hood as well as from what I understand his community lost a great bakery. The outcry and the hate mail forced him to close the doors.

I am not a biblical scholar nor am I a religious person, I have however read the bible and have observed the message that Jesus shared. It is about love and acceptance.. Judge not just love who you are and love others for who they are we are none of us perfect.

I would like to ask those right wing and religious people that choose to impose their beliefs and moral standards on those that feel otherwise which in my book is taking away the rights of those people.

What would Jesus do?

Personally form my understanding and what I have read… I believe he would have baked the cake! With a smile and perhaps a tear in his eye he would have baked that cake with all of the love in his heart!

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I debated even sharing my thoughts on the subject as I am trying to accept both sides of the argument and appreciate that it is not my place to judge. I do however have an opinion and it is one that says if you claim to be representing “god” then perhaps you should look inside and ask… Does a father love any of his children less because they are different or choose to be who they want to be?

Thank you for sharing your smiles and your love and helping make our world a better place for all we share it with!:)

CAKE! 🙂 🙂 🙂