A tragedy… A poem



As I watch her sitting

 I wonder where she is in thought

For in the present it seems she is not

The air filled with sorrow

In its dense presence I am caught

Sensing the pain that it brought

Even with the Television on

Or out in the open air

Birds singing joyfully

She has a blank stare

I can’t help but to hope for her

That she will find peace

Comfort from her despair

Though she is still young

She can’t regain her youth

She wallows in the knowledge

 of this undisputed truth

there is no magic fountain

with water

 that brings it back to you

When she was young

she wanted to live a life of dreams

a dream she never lived

 or so it would seam

living waiting to die

 life isn’t what it seems

to do it all over again

and change so many things

I wonder as I watch her

and listen to her thoughts

the words she shares about

 what her actions brought

I ask her to look around

At all the treasures she has got

The kind that can’t be bought

I shared with her as best as I could

The knowing she was beautiful

 And had lived a life of good

When she was out in the world

Or out in the woods

Her love and compassion

shared like no one else could

She looks at the world through a blank stare

Not seeing the beauty that surrounds her every where

Feeling guilt and sorrow when no one is to blame

The beauty of the love for herself

It to me is such a shame

If only for a moment

She could see the beautiful woman

That I see

She would never feel the same

She would savor every moment

 she has left in life

 cherish being her

and find joy as well as love

for who she is

be the love she has inside

the love she always gives

She started searching for her inner truth

And got lost in the tragedy

Crying over her youth

I hope the truth no longer is a mystery

And she sees the beauty that she is

Love will bring her tranquility

All she has to do is see

What with my eyes I cant see

Life is beautiful every moment a gift

Memories are just that

it’s in the moment that you live

leave those memories behind

and be the love you give

cherish every moment

peace there you will find

I wanted to just express the thoughts than were on my mind as I really thought about many of the women I know and have known. One in particular I hold so dear inspired me to write this as I felt the heavy air when I last spoke to her and observed her blank almost lifeless stare.

To me I feel the tragedy of not loving who you are is the biggest tragedy by far. If you don’t like something about you change it and be happy to thine own self be true. If you don’t like the language that you use learn some different words from which to choose. Change it or not you can not lose how you feel and live is only for you to choose. I lived a tragic life in my past I am told in that aspect perhaps it was true yet that story got old. I chose to change that and now I have a gift worth more than gold… I love who I am and my very precious soul, every minute that I live I am the love that I give to all the gifts I am surrounded by without them all I would not exist.

Thank you for taking the time and sharing perhaps a smile with me as I express a thought or two. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs by sharing your smiles and your love you are changing our world making it a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A tragedy… A poem

    • Thank you Skye… I am truly honored with the gifts you have shared and choose to share with me. Thank you as well for sharing your heart with us and on a perhaps selfish level with me in the kind words you share as well as the genuine way you choose to share them.. 🙂 Joe.. thank you for the many smiles and much love Skye, I hope I give you some as well! 🙂

  1. Joe, here, for what it is worth, is a similar effort of mine. By the way, I think I recently sent you a message saying that I had a few poems to send you and asking for somewhere to which to send them. Did you get the message?
    The Black Princess
    {About a man’s love for a young widow with two children.}
    Life’s garden grows many a bloom,
    Some plain, some bright, some boding doom. Of these all, just one stands out
    Among those that grow in rain or drought.
    A rose it is, the best yet known;
    So fine in form, in colour and in tone;
    So soft to touch and to behold
    The garden’s bright with her touch of gold.
    Man, he sees this wondrous beauty
    And reaches out to hold it gently.
    Yet in this garden with joy comes pain,
    But the barbs, not the rose, does he blame.
    In the blaze of colour she’s the brightest. If not to all, to him she’s the finest.
    Head held high in the winds of storm
    She awaits the coming of inevitable dawn.
    This rose, with two buds at her side, Looks for a hand but must abide
    That hand that will not only snip,
    But tend to the end, with a gentle grip.

    • Ian you write some beautiful prose I call it poetry its from the heart and it shows. You are quite a beautiful soul in my book. My e mail is on my reply to your comment and I shall include it here, I will also in the next day or so as time permits send you a note then you can just add me as a contact if you choose to use in future correspondence. I do feel your support and comments are a great gift thank you for sharing it along with the wisdom you share. Peace… Joe :0


  2. You are well versed and poems are my specialty. Here is off the top of my head to you:
    Today is a special day
    as you are my new friend
    It is online I live
    because of my external cystic acne keeps me ugly
    But then I stop here to see what you have to say
    and with a blog post you help my face mend
    Your words of wisdom are free to give
    You make my heart leap suddenly.
    Thank you, for being my friend – Joe
    You make a difference in my life for all eternity.
    Dedicated: 2/21/14 by Jackie Paulson to Joe Bradshaw

    • Jakie, I am truly honored by the poem and the sentiment.
      You are beautiful beyond compare
      truly one of a kind
      a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind
      Your being my friend and the love that you send
      Your beautiful smile on your face makes it mend
      Ugly is not what I see nor is it what you are to me
      If I could tenderly touch your skin
      it wouldn’t change what was within
      The truth is your beauty to me
      is a beauty that many see
      what shines from inside
      Thank you for the lovely poem and the sentiment you share, I am truly grateful you came to my page and chose to say what you had to say, a beautiful gift you share in such a beautiful way. Thank you! joe 🙂

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