A special farewell… a poem and flowers


91 years of rising suns

Your presence will be missed be everyone

A daughter a mother of three daughters and sons

Grandmother and great grandmother to many little ones

For me she was my grandmother this is true

There are things I would say yet she knew

She taught me much with the things she would say and do

Most cherished was the love and wisdom

 she shared when I was blue

When I was little she took me to church

Not the one in the building where she usually went

The one in the woods where the creek ran

The one that the heavens sent

Where we fished for trout not for perch

When my first wife left and I wept

Her words of comfort through my life I kept

Today as I say good bye

I try to do so with no tear in my eye

Crying she said does not comfort bring

“Tears you shed for such a little thing

Love is not something from someone else

Love is loving what’s inside of yourself”

I smile as the tears they fall

Even my grandmother didn’t know it all

The tears I cry with love and joy they fall

The tears from the love inside they do call

Please don’t be disappointed in me

As my tears they fall wild and free

I learned many things from a 91 year old

Been given many treasures more precious than gold

No longer may I have your hand to hold

I have your love inside my beautiful soul!


Goodbye Anna Laura your given name

Grandma to me, they are one and the same

As you transform from this earthly plane

Back to the heavens from where you came

I love you forever

Thank you for sharing your love with us all

I am sharing a thought and sentiment on a day of sorrow and joy, one of my gifts in life, as I am sure it is for many, was my grandmother. I only really knew one as well that is how it was for me. I chose to express my thoughts here in honor of her place in my heart, it matters not if the world knew her or those that may read this knew her. My heart felt expression shares the beauty of who she was and the power and beauty as well as the grace and love that she was.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, the painting I was working on when I was told she had passed away, she would have loved it and the pink flowers she loved in life somehow felt appropriate. Perhaps the love I felt as I painted them she felt as well as her spirit looks at them now I know she does.

Thank you for being the change positive and making our world a better place for all we share it with. Share your love and share your smiles we are making a difference one smile and act of love at a time.