Legendary stone…

The Philosophers Stone a legend of old
A mystical stone that turned lead into gold
Base metal, mercury, mineral water
The elixir of life I or so I have been told
Centuries have come and gone
Yet the legend still lingers on
Not for the riches was I drawn
Alchemy on the grandest scale
Many have tried and many have failed
They search for the stone
To no avail
In my search for inner peace
The stone and its magic  called to me
Magic, knowledge and  chemistry
Blending of knowing and mystery
The stone many say I will never find
Yet the magic of the stone fills my mind
Not for the quest of the material kind
Rather the infinite possibilities of  creation divine
Gold is material as is lead
The value like sorrow or the stone
I found in the books I have read
Exists only in our heads
The legends say that the stone exists
Perhaps lead into gold isn’t a myth
The truth is I found one
With a little twist
The true gift of alchemy
Is creating beauty from tragedy
Happiness out of misery
The Philosophers Stone inside of me

To  create the mystical stone
One must  create on ones own
Peace and love from sorrow
In your heart it is grown
Thank you for sharing your time and allowing me to share a thought or two. I am most grateful for the opportunity to share with you all and the gifts you share with me and all of us as you express your thoughts and the smiles they bring.
Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs, sharing your love as well as the smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Legendary stone…

  1. ‘One must create on ones own Peace’
    from The Milk Is White:
    Giving is free of any thought of return and not apportioned according to one’s wealth.
    Love is unquestioning and not apportioned according to self-need or expected return.
    Security is the Great Spirit’s gift to the fearless – the givers and lovers.
    Riches are a test, and as we give so we will receive;
    And as we clutch them to us so will we lose them.
    Our will determines the path we take,
    Not God, not man, nor anything else.

    • So True Ian… Our will and inner being are what we need to embrace and accept… first we need to know our will and to do so we must know ourselves. Love is the path unconditional of ourselves and all that is. 🙂 Thank you for the many smiles and the inspiration. Joe

  2. This is outstanding! I enjoy everything about this poem, from the subject matter (love it!) to the rhythmically rhyming cadence. Thank you for sharing your gift here with us.
    Hugs of grateful friendship, Gina

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