400 days… A poeticly expressed sentiment.

400 days since you walked away,

 feeling like I was meant to be alone,

not to have a loving home

 the rest of my time to roam,

 or roll like a rolling stone.

 Although the time has past, my love will always last until the end of time

 forever etched in my mind

 the words I can not find to express what’s on my mind.

400 days I looked inside

 questioned my foolish pride,

 with every tear I cried the pain began to subside.

 Although no longer with you I reside,

 I feel you deep inside, a truth I can not hide.

 I told myself 400 days ago

 that’s the way it is just let it go,

 the love I have so deep in my very soul for you

 says to leave it be is best for you,

 even if it isn’t what I want to do.

 Happiness is what I want for you; I must do what I have to do, even if it hurts,

 to hurt you would be worse.

400 days of loneliness, longing for the tenderness

, feelings of despair repressed believing you would say,

sorry I walked away.

 The words I longed to hear from you,

 to know your love was true.

 the words I forgive you, sang in my heart so blue,

 I believed your heart sang them too.

400 days have past I have given up at last numb

lost all hope of ever hearing your voice, accepting your choice.

 400 days have taken their toll,

 the only thing saving me my soul, has helped me let go,

 your walking away helped me grow in a way you will never know.

400 days since you walked away,

 I am finally ready to say… i love you and its okay!

I am ready for a love that will stay, one that won’t walk away

 the love I found deep in my soul 400 days in a row.

Tears no longer flow, as the smile begins to grow

 a gift of grace from my soul

 one that you will never see,

 the beautiful smile on me

 400 days after you walked away from me.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts in an artistic way. I was asked by a dear friend why I chose to express myself in such a way. I had expressed that when I feel a powerful thought or feeling I choose to share it from my heart in a loving and beautiful way. Not being one that has learned colorful expression I do the best I can to share in a non vulgar way. I am from a family of farmers and construction workers that didn’t learn to express their thoughts or feelings as men and rather than speak from their hearts they embraced the crude and vulgar ways of old. I choose to evolve and grow in a positive way leaving the vulgar and base behind expressing from both my heart and mind in a loving way that is kind. Even the negatives in our lives are positives if we change our perspectives and our attitudes. At least that is my feeling and I believe that poetic expression even basic or crudely expressed has a softer more beautiful effect on me as a human being and a writer.

Thank you for sharing with me your time in reading my posts and the smiles you share by doing so. I also wish to say thank you for being the change positive in our world sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better and more beautiful place for all we share it with. J Thank you! Peace!

28 thoughts on “400 days… A poeticly expressed sentiment.

    • It is very beautiful – both the poem and the words that followed and the theme of your blog. Much better than the ones I write and, because most of what I write is in Portuguese, it is difficult to share – that is why I post authors that are already translated into English. Thanks for sharing.

      • Agradeço-lhe por sua maravilhosa palavra, bem estou muito agradecido e apreciar-lhe tomando o tempo de compartilhar-las. TENHO lido vários blogs em várias línguas e é preciso um esforço maior no entanto, vale a pena. Normalmente basta copiar e colar em um programa de tradução. Obrigado por compartilhar e estou ansioso para desfrutar do que você escolher para compartilhar! Mais uma vez, obrigado 🙂

    • Thank you… your words presence and person are quiet beautiful as well… Thank you for sharing your beauty with us all and especially me. You have shared many smiles and brought much joy to my heart when I needed it… Joe 🙂

      • Thank you Joe..what a kind thought…
        as you bring a smile or two in my world too…
        Hope all is well in your world..
        Take Care…You Matter…

  1. This is such a touching, heartfelt share Joe. It pulls my heartstrings, for I also lived through that kind of heartbreak (I only offer my empathy; we all feel our own pain in our own way). Thank you for sharing, and this piece shows how much your heart has grown. This line is amazing: “your walking away helped me grow in a way you will never know”. Very well put! I celebrate you and your hard-earned growth, and the FACT that a lovely lady will be at your side in due time, one who will be with you always, one who will never walk away. I hold that truth with you my friend.
    Blessings, Gina

    • Thank you Barbara for sharing your heart as well your thoughts and taking the time to do so. Yes we are having an impact and changing our world in a positive as well as beautiful way! Thank you for being beautiful and the change our world needs.

    • You are welcome thank you for your comment and compliment I enjoyed what I read at your blog and look forward to exploring and enjoying what you choose to share. Thank you again! 🙂

  2. Ah, another day counter :). I am a day counter too. I usually know, within a hundred, how old I am. Today I am 21011 days old. During challenging times in my life I would know how long ago those things happened, or, more importantly, when I anticipated some event in the future, I would know how many days it was away.

    I can write poetry only when I feel challenged, hurt, in pain. Usually it does not work when I am happy.

    Nice expression of your feelings. Sounds like it’s time to let go.

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment, I dont really count the days so to speak I just chose the number as it was over a year and time to come to closure… I think it is awesome you count the days as it seems to make you happy. I am perhaps an odd ball as I don’t even want to think about days how many have passed or I have left.. I know I want as many as I have to be filled with peace and joy. I cant say how many were one way or another I only know at this point in my life I cherish every one of them and hope I have many more. If today was the last I would smile as the door closed. I am sure your poetry is quite beautiful as you have a beautiful gift of expression as well and a heart of gold. I do look forward to reading it as you choose to share it.

      Thank you again for your kind words and the smile they bring.. 🙂

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