Whats in a name?

20140119_145720A painting of flowers

in three vases

needs a name just as if it were faces

What shall I call it this creation

of mine

Inspired in my heart divine

 As I am working on a portfolio of my art and another of my writing bios and names are one of those things that I ponder… What do you name a painting? Why do you name a painting? I semi understand naming a creation and know you need to name it to sell it and show it. Any thoughts on creative name creating? Any thoughts on what I should call this one? Who would have guessed how hard it is to name something…

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a painting, painting has been using much of my creative energy lately as well as time. I am starting an additional blog of art, mine as well as artists I like and art work I find of great interest! Thank you for sharing some smiles and being the change positive in our world that we so greatly needs.. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Whats in a name?

  1. Perhaps the most appropriate title would stem from the motivation of the artist in creating the painting. However, often the best name surfaces when one has stopped trying to find one. Leave it to intuition – which is mindless!

  2. three vases of color….
    I was thinking of the three faces of Goddess
    Maiden, Mother, Crone….
    your art made me think of that…I wasn’t imposing a name
    just thinking out loud in script…
    Beautiful …stillness in a work of art
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Maryrose I am truly honored with your presence… You always say the most kind and beautiful things. Thank you! I had been thinking along the lines of stillness or serenity… The Goddess thought you share is both a very beautiful compliment and inspiration. It would be quite a gift to make a Goddess smile! Thank you for sharing yours! 🙂 Joe

      • You’re very welcome Joe…
        I was just thinking out loud LOLs..
        You will know the name when it arrives…
        it is a beautiful work of art…I enjoyed wandering through the energy of it
        Take Care…You Matter….

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment I appreciate it and an happy you liked the painting. I didn’t know I painted either I think I am inspired to do so as I am inspired by your comment. I thank you for doing so and the name of the painting was indeed divinely inspired as well… Easter it is, I had looked at many angles on a spiritual level and three vases kind of fits in a reverent perspective. I am sure that the lord won’t mind….

  3. love the painting joe. i am struck by the contrast of the easter lilies which i associate with death, and the bright, beautiful burst of colorful flowers in the center which represent life to me. thank you for reading and following, and i look forward to doing the same with your blog. peace, beth

    • Thank you Beth what a wonderful gift you choose to share, thank you for taking the time to share such kind words and such a wonderful comment and compliment. I enjoyed very much my visit to your pages you have a beautiful family and gift of expression thank you for sharing them with us and your presence with me here… Peace, Joe 🙂

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