Whats in a name?

20140119_145720A painting of flowers

in three vases

needs a name just as if it were faces

What shall I call it this creation

of mine

Inspired in my heart divine

 As I am working on a portfolio of my art and another of my writing bios and names are one of those things that I ponder… What do you name a painting? Why do you name a painting? I semi understand naming a creation and know you need to name it to sell it and show it. Any thoughts on creative name creating? Any thoughts on what I should call this one? Who would have guessed how hard it is to name something…

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a painting, painting has been using much of my creative energy lately as well as time. I am starting an additional blog of art, mine as well as artists I like and art work I find of great interest! Thank you for sharing some smiles and being the change positive in our world that we so greatly needs.. 🙂