New Dreams.. A poem of sorts.

As I sat upon a hill

A throne of dirt and grass

The trunk of a tree my back to rest on

As my life I did reflect upon

King of who I am

Though just a simple man

All his dreams dead and gone

None worth the time to dwell upon

As I sat upon my thrown

Recalling what I had reaped and sown

Knew it mattered not now

Those things where then

Open from within

The place where change begins

New seeds are sown

New dreams are born

Winters cold and storms of ice

Tiny seeds in paradise

Breaking through at the snowy end

Seeds begin to sprout the journey begins

New dreams now yet to be found

As I sit upon the grassy ground


Waiting for love to inspire me

To choose the very best dream

Creating and manifesting

The most beautiful reality

The past is gone I am here and now

My heart feels the spirit in the tree somehow

Feeling the roots and the large trunk

The bigger it all grew the more I shrunk

Consciously aware of who I am

Though just a simple man

I am king of who I am

On a throne of dirt and grass

Treasures of a magnitude many never see

As I feel the soul of the tree

The dirt and grass on which I sit

I am made of the same energy as it

Inspire me to dream a dream

To share with all there is even the unseen

The joy and love

That we were all created with

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile as well.. Thank you for all you do being you and the positive change that is making our world a better place for all we share it with. Comments are next on my list as time permits I am grateful for all the support and kind words shared by so many of you and shall respond soon to them all. Thank you! 🙂