Reflections.. A poem and Painting to start the new year!

20140101_152848 (2)

Reflections in the water

Like reflections in the mirror

Change with what is being reflected in them

Even if no one is observing

The reflection is within

The mirror of our soul reflected in what we see

Makes everything beautiful

As I reflect on me

Change is reflected in the mirror of me

When with my eyes closed I see

I wish to say I am very grateful for those that read my pages and share with me their thoughts, here and on the pages they write as well as those that just stop and say hi… I am in the planning stage and in the process of re thinking and most likely changing my blog.. I am for change you know. I will be spending a few days catching up on comments and posts from the many I consider friends here on WordPress. I look forward to seeing where I am inspired to go with this blog in the future! Hope you all have an amazing day and share lots of smiles!. The Painting is of a lake near Alberta or so I was told, I painted it for a friend…

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share a thoughts or two! Thank you for sharing your smiles and love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with.:)


18 thoughts on “Reflections.. A poem and Painting to start the new year!

  1. We all look in the mirror and each time we look, we see something different – are we changing or are we becoming more perceptive. Probably a little of both with every visit to the mirror.

    All the best with your reflections and journey ahead,
    P/s I do find it somewhat of a challenge interacting with a person whose name I don’t know. Have I missed something, I wonder.

    • Awesome… I am honored that you would feel so and you are most certainly appreciated as are your words. Thank you and I quite agree.. May the force be with us in 2014!

      Peace 🙂 Joe

  2. hey joe 😦 ….and all my other blogs titled angel for 5 years… go figure huh,no problem here the opproblem this new year 3rd year in a row is lies lies lies and thieving of thousands of dollars and a 4 runner a dog a nd a life that was promised ,,, so have a great year … especially bewatre of a wolf who calls herself an angel now admits she is not but a bi polar 2 personality ego edging god out…delete ot not i dont care thought u should know the truth bout the lurkers u think are so kewl in ur new year and all the poem,s that wer e spuuosedly written to me fort years:( how so very sick a game for a few bucks more she prolly does it to many men all over the net:(

    • I am not sure how to respond yet feel it is your right to express and feel how you feel. I know not what your comment has to do with my post or me in general yet from the post I commented on written by another I sense a little bit of resentment and pain. I wish you the best and hope you may find peace in your heart and mind. Namaste! 🙂 Joe

      • u got it sir, i am sorry in a way , for the last 5 years of my life depending upon and believeing in miss angel there, have been spiritually devastated also by her movie she has made with me only to turn out to be a sad love story destroyed by fear and negativity, i apologize if i seemed out of line to u ,but if she is telling u stuff about me well, id suggest ya going to my blog and reading my stuff bout my angel? i love with all my heart that now forsakes me 😦 anyhow only thing i got as a disease is PKD whicvh scares her i guess cuz she knows i’ll die before her. namaste 2 u and thanks for replying to me yes i resent the way i ghave been treated by miss blueangelwolf now for the many months she has, over and out god bless 🙂

      • I can only say I am quite intrigued in a way, I do hope within you you can find inner peace and forgiveness as well as love unconditional for yourself and those you perceive that have hurt you. I read what I read in the blog world for inspiration entertainment and enrichment of my soul. What I choose to read isn’t based on the choices others make nor should you. I would ask are you writing these comments out of spite and jealousy? I have never met or spoken to the writer of whom you express such thoughts and feelings. They seem to be quite negative in many aspects, an attitude I choose not to embrace. I do hope you can let it go and find happiness… 🙂 Joe

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