Reflections.. A poem and Painting to start the new year!

20140101_152848 (2)

Reflections in the water

Like reflections in the mirror

Change with what is being reflected in them

Even if no one is observing

The reflection is within

The mirror of our soul reflected in what we see

Makes everything beautiful

As I reflect on me

Change is reflected in the mirror of me

When with my eyes closed I see

I wish to say I am very grateful for those that read my pages and share with me their thoughts, here and on the pages they write as well as those that just stop and say hi… I am in the planning stage and in the process of re thinking and most likely changing my blog.. I am for change you know. I will be spending a few days catching up on comments and posts from the many I consider friends here on WordPress. I look forward to seeing where I am inspired to go with this blog in the future! Hope you all have an amazing day and share lots of smiles!. The Painting is of a lake near Alberta or so I was told, I painted it for a friend…

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share a thoughts or two! Thank you for sharing your smiles and love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with.:)