My Friend….

I sit cold and alone

My freezing heart turning to stone

I reached for your hand in despair

It wasn’t there

I slip into the abyss

No longer wanted or being missed

In the darkness I reach for the light

Overwhelmed I choose not to fight

Forsaken as I feel

I know God is real

I ask in genuine humility

Help me take away the pain

Let me live again

With love as my friend

Thank you all for your time and your smiles… I had to just let it out! I am happy, spiritual, and living!

14 thoughts on “My Friend….

  1. I watched the beetle slip and fall, for the umpteenth time. Should I interfere, should I not leave it to ‘nature’? I reached out and placed a withered leaf in its path – and up it scurried and disappeared into the mulch.

    It gave meaning to my life – for that day. I rejoice for the days ahead. For as I help the least, I feel His helping hand.

  2. in a world of so many people
    yet so few will notice the lonely
    feelings of one has in a crowd
    I wish you a wonderful weekend….
    Take Care…You Matter….

  3. Stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and May the New Year Be Blessed for You
    Take Care….You Matter…

  4. Christmas night holy aside worries and sorrows. Open your heart and gets a touch of blessing that flows over the world tonight!

    Whether this year’s holidays will fill your heart with joy, confidence, hope and love. And Santa will bring the most desired and unexpected gifts and those close to you.
    Merry Christmas

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