A colorful thread… A poem

I seek not to be god nor a king

A Buddha, a Guru, nor Christ

They are who they are not me

I could not carry the heavy burden

As weak as I be, dark roots deep

At the foot of my tree

Some would question what kind of man I am

A mystic of sorts that enjoys the beauty in the ugly

 Of my life lived not planned

Turned to the inner life of the vast universe

By studying ancient wisdom, the occult and divination

Not exactly endorsed by the Saints

In chapter or verse

A friend once asked how do the Universe you find

All that space in such a tiny mind

I asked how much of his did he use

Less than I third for sure he said that I know

I said so did I and I chose to grow

When that less than a third really showed

The space inside of you and me in scale

 is the same space as many galaxies

empty space between held together

with the energy as are all of things created divine

 as they have been and will forever

The atoms, protons, neutrons and sub atomic things

Contain the space to fill the void in between

The fabric of the cosmos and the fabric of my dreams

My dream is not a holy one

Not a dream of a father and his son

Nor of a Chosen gift from heaven

Who gave up an Empire

To understand life and what God truly desires

Nor was I given a gift in the twinkling of an eye

I was given greats lessons with every tear I cried

Conquered many demons

After being beaten many times

I am a mystic so to speak

My inner truth in the universe I seek

I am small yet so large

When I step up and let the universe take charge

I almost see where I stand in our galaxy

The tiny little particle of the divinely created

Co- creating me

Living a life of love as was meant for me

A colorful thread in the fabric of eternity

Thank you for letting me share a thought or two… I had been thinking about some things that people had asked and said to me on a few occasions.. And this is what I found.

I hope we can all share a thought or two and help make our world a better place for all we share it with… We are all connected by just being on the same planet if nothing else. Some one once said the most philosophic statement of our time was spoken by a simple man who didn’t even know the definition of philosophy..

“Why can’t we all just get along”

Thank you Mr King… Rodney king

Please share a smile and share your love be the change positive our world needs.

9 thoughts on “A colorful thread… A poem

  1. 1. re. Line 4: ‘I could not carry the heavy burden . . .’ There is no burden 🙂
    2. It is good to see that you see yourself as a mystic. It say much more than a mere six letter!

    • A true point, yet the examples set are beyond my strength and beyond my reach. How do you perceive me to be, just out of curiosity as you follow and read what I share. Am I a mystic Ian or just a mystery?

      • Do not be concerned about labels, the perceptions of others or anything else, just be and go with the flow: life is like a stream and all streams have two flows, one above the sand and one below it.

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