Invisible bridges.. a poem

Bridges suspended in space

Bridging a gap from place to place

Some so large they seem almost majestic

Covered in traffic they seem rather hectic

Some are small so small it seems

Like those in a garden over a small stream

Bridges quite often are commonly found

Take a drive look around

The bridges we often use and don’t often see

Are the bridges of friendships created by you and me

The most beautiful bridges often I see in my mind

Are the bridges to the heavens

Our connection with the divine

The bridges to get there are more than one

I would certainly hope so

With over eight billion people under the sun

Some may get there on the wings of a dove

All of the bridges are built on love

Often I see this loving bridge in my mind

One that connects all of man kind

The most difficult elusive it seems

Perhaps it only exists in my dreams

As I watch and observe

The world held together with a single word

The ancient philosophers’ knew

They spoke to us with words that were true

Love is the most powerful glue

Bridges I see suspend in air

Are made for getting us there

Bridges we all share with mankind

Are built or destroyed one at a time

As you build your bridges today

I hope you build them with love

So that one day the

 bridges with each other

are the largest we know

Towering above the largest

 we have created and say

we built the greatest bridge

in the most beautiful way

Thank you for letting me share a few thoughts in an artistic way sometimes it seems easier to find the words to say. I suppose as I reflect on the journey I take that life as I live it is not full of mistakes. Sometimes that is the process of learning to build bridges or dealing with destiny and fate. Some say we reap what we sew, this may be true yet some seeds do not grow. I have been at times called a bridge, as I speak with others of different mind we find a connection to each other that’s one of a kind. Especially those that beautiful seeds they sew, I cherish those that really don’t know for they are the ones I like to watch grow.

I seek not to be a holy man, only to walk with my fellow human beings on a bridge built together a simple mans dream a bridge of friendship with all living things. Many have asked what road am I on one where I have seen one to many crumbled and gone. There are many more spiritual and holy than I yet I dream big for such a simple guy. I build my my bridges to last one of my lesson learned as I put away the past. The bridges I build are on solid ground, deep in my heart where the most powerful glue is found.

Please share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your time with me here it is an honor to me that you choose to do so… For my friend Ian.. Namaste