Spiritual Mastery and what I aspire to (part two)

My latest post was becoming very long as I felt inspired by the words of  Sri Chimnoy a Spiritual Master I recently was introduced to through his writings by a fellow blogger. As I read many of his writings I found myself fascinated by his way of sharing the wisdom of many Masters before him and his perspective of Mastery. The last page of the website dedicated to his teachings and writings that I was exploring shared something I felt was quite true and profound. I appreciated its point and its powerful message. What do you expect from a Master of Himself and a spiritual being who lives in the presence of the divine? I have been asked many times, was I learning Alchemy to turn lead into gold? What did I hope to gain from divination the winning lottery numbers? Did I hope to become a preacher or start a church? The truth is none of the above, I only want to hear and understand the voice of God and my soul that I may live and do as my maker wanted when I was created.

A friend and I talked recently about the subject of that still small voice, She said she heard it often and followed it regularly. I have questioned many times what I felt was my inner voice and free will. The ego of my human self and my desires as opposed to my soul and my aspirations and throw in what did God have in his heart as I was created. Much like a child I expressed are my desires, or my free will compared to what my maker wants. I the child wants to dip my French fries in my chocolate milk instead of catsup and play at the dinner table while I should be eating my dinner. My Father would rather I dipped my fries in catsup and sat nicely at the dinner table and eat my dinner with my best manners. What di God want for me and what was my soul sharing with me rather than what my ego wanted and shared with me. The Ferrari I could have been driving or the wonderful children I chose instead, a no brainer for many yet I still wonder what it is I should be doing rather than what I want to be doing.

The fact is as I read somewhere that “once you drink the water from the well of spirituality you will forever be thirsty”. I have had great thirst and have from my birth and will till I die I would venture to say. I had asked an uncle of mine once as I felt overwhelmed with the amount of spiritual reading and studying I had been doing is there such a thing as too much knowledge? His response was no, if you feel overwhelmed or confused listen to your still small voice. The one I have been trying to learn to hear I responded. Some people have the gift of just knowing or they never ask as I which of the voices in my head should I hear?

The final thought shared on the website of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings summed up for me the same truth for which I felt and have been learning as I have studied and searched so long and expressed my thoughts in a way I choose to share here. I am still a child in the spiritual realm and shall be forever as it were. I can not even begin to imagine the depths of our Universe nor the wonders it contains and as far as God… well I can only say I am a living creation for his purpose. I choose to embrace and seek my inner truth and aspire to be the best person I can be.

When a man realises the highest Truth, he tries to offer the highest Truth to humanity at large. Most often unrealised people or unspiritual people think that a realised person, if he is truly realised, has to perform miracles at every moment. Miracles and God-Realisation need not and should not go together. When you stand in front of a spiritual Master, what you expect to see and what you do see is Peace, Light, Bliss and divine Power. Now, where does he hold this power? Not in his arms or legs, or in his head, but deep inside the inmost recesses of his heart. Enter into him and you are bound to feel infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss. But if you expect something else from a realised soul, if you come to a spiritual Master thinking that because he has realised the highest he can fulfil your teeming desires, make you a multimillionaire in the twinkling of an eye, you are totally mistaken. These are the kinds of things he does not do. If it is the Will of the Supreme, the Master can easily make someone a multimillionaire overnight. He can bring down material prosperity in abundant measure, but this is not the Will of the Supreme. What you can expect from a Master and from a Master’s realisation is Peace, Light and Bliss.

Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind, Agni Press, 1973

by Sri Chinmoy
From the book Eastern Light For The Western Mind, made available to share under a Creative Commons license

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for being the change positive and thank you for sharing your love.

Spiritual Mastery and what I Aspire to (part one)

I would like to share some thoughts as I learn and grow with the Masters. I have drunk from the spiritual cup so to speak and have been studying the ways of the divine for some time in fact it would seem since my first childhood experiences in Sunday school. The days when I was innocent and ignorant and beginning to ask the question who am I and who or what is God.

Through the years of my life I have often sought the help of God as a way beyond the pain and hardships I was going through. I would pray to God and ask him to stop my step father from beating and abusing me. I would ask God to help me get my father back or to at least have him call. I would ask for the pain to stop and forgiveness when the woman I loved walked away or got angry or I got angry and walked away from her. When I went through two divorces and dozens of jobs It seems I was reaching out more often than when things were good I expressed my love and asked for help.

I have been asked many times do I not know the next level of spirituality can only be obtained when I die. Why do you seek to see and talk to God so much that you would read and study so many religions and dabble with the occult and esoteric or seek enlightenment through the Eastern Philosophies, why read Plato if the Bible was written much later in time and is “the word of God”. What do the Gurus and Buddha have to do with you, you are a baptized Christian do you not believe in the Lord? My step father would ask when you look at the sky and pray what are you praying to the sky?

It starts to come together as I begin to understand my ignorance and embrace it that I aspire to please my maker and in turn as any child make my father proud of his son or creation as it were or if you prefer. I suppose as a child it is my dream to see my father happy and thus be at peace filled with joy and in bliss. Just as I wanted to please my parents and grandparents as a child it is in my soul to please the divine father my maker and God.

 I was inspired by the teachings of the ancients shared through the writings such as the bible and the book of odes, the Daxue, Zhongyong, Platos Republic, and more recently the cloud of unknowing, the writings of Paracelsus, Hermes, and many others. The modern masters like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer Abraham Hicks, Gandhi, Desmond TuTu,  Thich Nhat Hanh, Osho, and many more. I have for many Christians crossed the line in a way as I study and explore the ways of Divination and the ways of Alchemy so I may have the inner knowledge of the ways of the Universe and understand what I contain within my own being. My physical body a tool or on loan as I experience the life I have here on Earth, not for my benefit but for the benefit of God and his will to live through me and all of us.

I have sought what many would say is impossible or even insane to try although like me when the chips are down they pray to the same God asking for help yet not truly speaking with God speaking to God. I have asked many do they actually talk with God? Do they hear God? Am I just deaf? Am I wrong for seeking what the Masters have found? I have to say many of those seeking what is termed by many as enlightenment have helped me by sharing their own paths and the sources of wisdom they embrace as the learn from the masters in their own ways.

On this day I wish to say thank you to a Blogger on WordPress who shares his journey and thoughts on the spiritual path. His Blog http://arganesh3.wordpress.com/ has been one that has shared much with me along with many other Bloggers that have shared with me. However on this day his post shared a link that brought me to a page… several actually that helped me understand what I seek and what it is I will find when I find what I seek. I am grateful for the introduction to a spiritual master Sri Chimnoy, I had not previously read his works, I am honored to have read some of them and the affect they have had in a short span.   I suppose I have known the answers all along and just needed to pay my dues and learn the way. Thank you Ganesh and all those many whom I follow on WordPress that share their spiritual journeys.

Please share a smile and your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with, thank you for taking the time and allowing me to share some thoughts with you. I wish to share a few more thoughts and as this is getting long so I will post a part two.