It is What it is…

Swirling and churning in dark and light

Drifting along in celestial night

Kabbalah, Taoism, Jainism, Buddhism too

Deeper in thought learning what to me is true

Christian boy as I was raised

Hypocrisy seemed to be on every page

As I studied esoteric, occult thoughts

Inner peace was what I really sought

Alchemy of the ancients shared

The path to your soul for those who dared

Turning lead into gold or dark to light

Or changing ones soul making it bright

Thoughts have been blamed for negative things

Some of those making nightmares of dreams

Faith I was told is all you need

Without hope despair is what it breeds

Magic I was told does not exist

It lives inside of every kiss

The love that dwells in the Universe

Is the gift we are given at birth

As I learn from ancient minds

Love of I find of the Divine

The gifts of the words they left for us to read

Help me find the answers that I need

I have questioned who I am

I am a beautiful loving man

The riches of life I have found

Living with love as on Earth I am bound

Accepting that all there is

Is what it is

Love divine

Found in my heart not in my mind

Just a random thought as I take a break… I am about to start fasting and meditating to reach the place I need to be so I may focus on who I am and who I will be. I am for change and positive change is what I hope to share! I am grateful for those who share their inner truths as well as those who share their hearts smiles and love. Thank you to the many who share their smiles and love with me, my heart is shared with all of you as is my love!

Please share your smiles and share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.:)


13 thoughts on “It is What it is…

  1. wow. this was great. I like the couplet form. The sentiment–and journey–I can say i walk, as well! A studier of many creeds, and slave to none. 🙂

    you will prolly come up with some great stuff during this retreat!!

    • Thank you Karen! I am always touched and moved when you express your thoughts even more so when you take the time to comment and share with me on my posts! Thank you for the love you are and share with us all! 🙂

  2. This poem is awesome! As the journey of enlightenment spells out clearly and your choice of words penetrates the mind deeply, I really love how you say “The love that dwells in the Universe;
    Is the gift we are given at birth”. I do read it a few times, that how greatly appreciated I am of you sharing it. Have a bless day!

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