I would like to say…. CAKE!

I have not written in a while for various reasons, the primary reason is I chose when I started writing this blog to express thoughts in a way so as to bring positive change to our world and to my own soul in the hopes of making a difference. The truth in some ways for me in the material world has not been as positive as I had dreamed or hoped. I am not so sure I can express my thoughts on my current situation in a positive way. Perhaps it is somewhat of an illusion for I have not been one to place the highest of value to the material things as I have to the things I considered the most important in life. Love has been the focus of my existence as a child the emotional realm dominated my life from the time my father left through the abuse of my stepfather I questioned and sought love.

I recently got to the point that I reached out to a friend and asked for him to share some thoughts as to my situation. My oldest son, well my step son and I had a falling out of sorts, he is an alcoholic and has been abusing his wife and children. I am broke, jobless, homeless, and have had to ask for help from those I love to survive. A hard thing for me to do in light of the fact a few years ago I had a job making over a hundred thousand a year a home with a wife and my beautiful children.

I expressed my thoughts and my situation to my friend and his answer was through the pain and death I would have re birth. He suggested that I share from the deepest pain my thoughts and feelings with my self and the world here in this forum. I had felt that if life for me was a lesson in pain that I had my fill and would just like the divine to take me home. Funny how when we ask for things with sincerity we are usually given what we need.

I have been learning for the last few years from the ancients and those of our age who have chosen to embrace the divine laws and will of heaven. Many are they that have shared from the deepest of their souls. I suppose that is one of the gifts we all have that we may share that knowledge and become better human beings. My step son asked why I would choose to be a better human being and what does that mean? When I look at you with nothing he said, I still see you not seeming to be affected by all your losses. How can you smile?

As I spoke with my friend Lee at a very low point and wishing it would be done and I would go home and be with the divine in the heavens… I knew I was already there and that is the reason I smile. I am at peace with the pain for it is temporary, the beauty and love I am is always there as I reside and we all reside in the heavens. The earth on which we stand is in the heavens from where we came.

Things will change for me, they will change for all of us. The gift of a smile even when you are at the lowest point you feel you can be is priceless… love is priceless. Thank you all and the Universe in which we live for sharing your smiles and your love! As I follow the path of the Mystics and learn the magic of love I begin to understand the Alchemy of lead to gold. Every cloud has a silver lining I find them in grains of sand!

CAKE…. Makes me smile! Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.