Waves at the beach.. A poem and my first video poem of sorts.

Powerful gentle calm and deep

Even till the edge of where they meet

Invisible energy flowing around my feet

In motion before the time of man

Turning rocks into sand

The passionate kiss when the ocean meets the land

Sounding like a rushing roar

The water hurtling towards the shore

Ending in a swoosh, followed by more

I have seen them very tall

Beautiful mist as they fall

The powerful curling aquamarine wall

The kiss is the beginning and end

Where oblivion and creation meet

Where the land meets the sea

Intertwined for a moment

Suspended in time

Brilliant like diamonds in my mind

The mist turns to water again

As the next surges it will never end

Kiss of the ocean and land

Creator, destroyer and friend

I wanted to share a thought or two as I sat by the ocean and reflected on this last summer and my life. I have seen a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on a beautiful beach in NC and seen some very beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean this summer. It has been a gift and very uplifting for my soul even though it has not been so uplifting on a human level materially. Life is not all about material however I am at the point that I need to start really considering the fact I do have and my talent has worth and material value.

Thank you for sharing your time a smile and some love helping make our would a better place for all we share it with. 🙂