Waves at the beach.. A poem and my first video poem of sorts.

Powerful gentle calm and deep

Even till the edge of where they meet

Invisible energy flowing around my feet

In motion before the time of man

Turning rocks into sand

The passionate kiss when the ocean meets the land

Sounding like a rushing roar

The water hurtling towards the shore

Ending in a swoosh, followed by more

I have seen them very tall

Beautiful mist as they fall

The powerful curling aquamarine wall

The kiss is the beginning and end

Where oblivion and creation meet

Where the land meets the sea

Intertwined for a moment

Suspended in time

Brilliant like diamonds in my mind

The mist turns to water again

As the next surges it will never end

Kiss of the ocean and land

Creator, destroyer and friend

I wanted to share a thought or two as I sat by the ocean and reflected on this last summer and my life. I have seen a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on a beautiful beach in NC and seen some very beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean this summer. It has been a gift and very uplifting for my soul even though it has not been so uplifting on a human level materially. Life is not all about material however I am at the point that I need to start really considering the fact I do have and my talent has worth and material value.

Thank you for sharing your time a smile and some love helping make our would a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

Summers end Update.. Love you all!

 I am sure the world is curious as to what is going on with this beautiful soul. Things have been rather interesting and as September falls upon us all I start in a wonderful place. Location wise if nothing else, I for the moment am in San Diego or there abouts and the beaches Ocean, the people and the wild life and vegetation are Gorgeous! The beaches I have been to and the sunsets I have seen have been amazing. I have been considering several creative options to achieving my dreams and goals  as well as where to start.

Fate or something crazy brought me to the point I would just hop on a plane and head to California. My brother and his wife moved to southern California a few months ago, she loves it here my brother is home sick for his beloved Utah. I began the summer in North Carolina with the intent of starting a business and creating things works of art with my step son. Watching the sunrises, from beaches on a different coast. What is around the next bend?

I am writing this as I sit on the beach, one of my dreams is to make my money and write from the beach; my stepson had some serious emotional issues, as did his family due to many things and fueled by alcohol. Some said I was there to help him and help him heal, the damages of youth or something along those lines. I am here with my brother and he suffers from the same kind of issues with no alcohol. He is on a depression streak and has been talking about suicide, as is his wife.  He reaches out and tells me opportunities abound and when I get here the world is ending life stinks and I want to die? Oh my.. maybe its time to head to Texas I don’t have any family there..

It is a gift I suppose in a way for me to have spent time with some of those i love and share some joy and pain both with great love. I am not so sure of the benefits for those loved ones from me yet I have learned a great deal about myself if nothing else this summer. Events and people as well as situations have drawn me farther inside to answer my questions even if I didn’t ever think to ask them.

The most interesting perhaps in some ways has been my interaction in the dating and romance area of my life. Not much dating or romance however I have met and been blessed with some wonderful interactions and gifts. It seems that the law of attraction and the universe brings together what it wills and I am considering myself although still single and sometimes a little desirous of company a very lucky man.

Just a glimpse I have been sought out by several, well three medicine women one thought I could help her reach the next level of “enlightenment”, I was honored and confused at the same time. Why would she think I knew how to defeat anger and what made her think I knew anything about enlightenment? Another just wanted to have a glimpse of my thoughts on sexuality and spirituality. The third really wants to date however even now we are about 400 miles apart, much closer than when I was visiting my kids in Pa a couple of weeks ago when we first started talking.

That said the highlight of my summer was my family and the journeys to see them all. The visit with my kids and seeing my two newest grandchildren was and is priceless. The girls are adorable and my poem for my youngest is almost done. She spent her first three weeks in the intensive care unit at a children’s hospital. I got to take her out for her first walk in the outside world and was her first partner dancing in the rain.

Life has been good to me even if from many perspectives it may not appear so, it seems the deeper i find myself in life the more I find myself living in the moment. I suppose I appreciate them more knowing that they are a gift it is just a matter of perspective. I have been trying to go beyond perspective and just be in the moment I am in. Somewhat harder than one would think ,although it is what we do every moment anyway, whether we recognize it or not.

The ocean and finding a means for making money weigh on my current moment so I shall say thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I am working on a poem that i want to read and video by the ocean as it is about the ocean. A few friends said I should do audio books and another said I should be on radio or do video blogs as they felt I would be good at them.. and I have a calm “sweet” voice. (sexy) That would be a matter of perspective as well.

Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for your time and for being the change positive our world needs.


Peace from the beach