As I fall

I wonder as I embrace my fate

My love my belief and faith

As I live with no hate

I have so little how far will I fall

I have nothing material lost it all

Why don’t the heavens hear my call

The years have come and gone

The life I live the beautiful haunting song

The love I have am I wrong

Many have what I have not

Yet I have a gift many of them haven’t got

The depth of my love and the lessons taught

I hope that I am not wrong

At times it seems to have been so long

To hear a sweet note in my haunting song

Although I have not been let down

It seems my dreams may never be found

The heavens above me on the ground

I hope the heavens hear my call

I ask for little almost nothing at all

How much farther must I fall

I was asked today

Why do I pray

It seems your god has walked away

With a smile on my face

I ask would they take his place

As I sit here now in wonder

And embrace my fate

I believe in love

I believe in the heavens

As I look at the stars above

I won’t beg you to hear my call

I feel your love even as I fall

Thank you for letting me live through it all

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I am grateful for the opportunity to share them with you. I was asked today why did I believe, as a man with nothing on his knees.

I don’t know why.. I just do even though what I have says it might not be true. I am no expert on God or his ways.. I do know love in many ways and the love I have is why I say I believe in love and on my knees I pray.

Please share a smile and share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for sharing a smile with me and for being the beautiful people helping our world become a better place for all we share it with.


4 thoughts on “As I fall

  1. He who see’s the glass as half empty never really sees the glass at all… Its not what we have on the outside is it Joe… but the love within the heart always keeps us full and cushions us from our falls…
    beautiful words…

  2. Joe – The thing I most appreciate about the friendships we build within WordPress is that we can express ourselves honestly and not worry that we’ll be judged by others. I also believe the freedom to express ourselves here is what allows some of the most beautiful works of art to come forth, and yours is among them. Your words ring true to me. Your work gives me pause to look inside myself and ask, how many times have I fallen? How afraid am I of falling further? Keep writing, Joe. God is listening.

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