Sunrise .. A poem a painting and a smile!


As I fell asleep

You in my arms at the beach

The stars feel almost in my reach


The heavens singing a lullaby

Shooting stars dance before our eyes

Holding you a tear in my eye

Knowing tomorrow will be goodbye


As the night ends and the sun rises

I see the beauty of heavenly surprises


The colors deep

The ocean blue

A wonderful way

 to start my day with you

As you say goodbye

The tears the sun won’t let me cry

Thank you for sex on the beach

Sharing with me the morning sky

a treasure to such a simple guy

Sorry I wasn’t your cup of tea

Thank you for the memory

 And the sunrise you shared with me

A poem and a painting inspired by another Queen of my Heart that didn’t stay..

Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with..

Anybody have any thoughts as to how to sell some so so art?