Dark love.. a poem of sorts.

Dark and dirty it would seem

The farthest place from my dream

Following the smallest of light a beam

Surrounded by dark hurt and pain

All it seems at time in vain

As the tears pour like the falling rain

Like a roller coaster rocketing

to the bottom of the hill

The dark side of love

adds to the thrill

Life when you have nothing at all

is living life enjoying the free fall

Even with nothing to give love conquers all

The time spent in dark deep places

has shown me love on so many faces

shown me many who dreams they chase

I found love in the deepest of hate

To understand and live love is my fate

Not by materials or circumstance do I rate

The sum of who I am is the love that i share

The love that I give when love isn’t there

Love found in darkness makes light out of despair

The darkness of love is a gift like air

Teaching me to learn, love and care

For all that I see and touch everywhere

 Hi my time to access the internet has been somewhat limited” borrowing ” wi fi ” is at times not an easy task. I have been spending much time on some paintings and hope to get some in a gallery soon I have been given many compliments about my latest works in progress as well as some of my completed ones. I will share a glimpse of my latest in a future post. I don’t want to say anything if I have not much good to say so perhaps its good my internet access is limited..

I want to thank you for your time and the smiles you share by allowing me to share a thought or two.. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.Thank you again!

5 thoughts on “Dark love.. a poem of sorts.

  1. What poetic words Joe as not many see that both light and dark walk hand in hand. Only through our experiencing those shadows in life can we ever begin to appreciate the lightness of tender love.
    A beautiful poem told from your heart.
    Love and Blessings
    Sue. 🙂

    • Sue.. You are quite awesome and quite amazing! You once again as many times have shared a beautiful smile on a cloudy day! Thank you, love and blessings to you too my beautiful friend! 🙂

    • Thank you Gorgeous! You have given me a wonderful smile and I am grateful you took the time to share such lovely thoughts with me! I will catch up soon.. I am heading for San Diego and things should settle down a little in my chaotic world.. ♥ Joe

  2. within the dark corners, your words
    fill a room with light….
    Beautiful words filled the inbetween the lines of sadness and frustration..
    I so wish you a peace-filled moment or two to catch your breath….
    Take Care..You Matter…

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