peace in love

I would like to share a thought or two as I haven’t done so for a while. Life sometimes takes us places we are not expecting even if the place is familiar or the people we are sharing with are ones we love. Many things in my life have been in what to many of my friends is chaos. To me it is change although it may seem disorderly and quite a bummer for most. For me it has been most beautiful and transformational in some aspects.

I suppose all is relative to ones perspective and what they choose to perceive in any particular situation. I have been given many gifts through the darker of clouds, in the past  I always wondered when the sun would again shine. I share with many and many share with me and have contributed to and shaped the process of knowing and loving who I am and who you are as well as all that exists. The depth and height of such is beyond what my mind could ever fathom the narrow and width, the smallness and vastness beyond my comprehension of love is what lets me know this?

We as humanity have contributed to who every one of us is has become or will become, we have been given the ultimate gift. Our minds in a way are what to many would say is our ultimate advantage and gift.  I had questioned that in the past as well as the ego, many of the great spiritual Gurus share different perspectives, as does the Mental Heath community. Through the gift of knowledge and wisdom shared by many and through the deepest lessons of love I can say this…

The sun is always there shining, the clouds of perception and my mind stopped me from seeing it. I think the greatest gift I have is knowing my mind with my soul. my mind perceives my soul knows. My soul knows as science knows the sun always shines, the rotation of the earth and our perspectives hides it. It is the same for love and hate peace and war our perspectives are either in darkness or or in the light. The tree with leaves or the bare tree in winter doesn’t have a perspective it just knows the sun is shining and today the leafs are green then they are gone. The sun still shines on them every day.

In the near future I would like to share a little more about the experience I am having as I learn with unconditional love. The lesson is deep yet as I walk through the black clouds of today I smile knowing the sun is shining.  As I talked with my son although not by blood I raised him as my son i asked him a question. If you were to die would you like your last minute to be filled with joy and a smile on your face?

Yes? If you choose to answer yes as I have ask yourself if you know when that minute will be?

My answer it doesn’t matter I know not nor do I worry about it I choose to know the sun shines, love unconditional is a gift divine. We were all created and our creations are changing the sands of time. The illusions of anything other than good are perceptions of our narrow minds. The pain in our world is created by fate a destiny we help create, when we fail to accept and appreciate the beauty of love and hate. Hate brings about change as in our souls it is a feeling thats strange to our souls with our minds deranged.

With love unconditional of who I am not my mind or the body you see. I live with the love of the moment every second I breath with the love of all creation and gratitude for all of creation and what it shares with me. Love is what I choose to contribute as it is what is shared with me. I love unconditional as my mind I see, from the soul that lives the one I call me.

I am grateful to share a thought or two. I have just traveled across the country to spend some time with my children and get organized with a quiet mind, my time online has been very limited and many things have happened. I will be getting back to this in the very near future. Just a thought as I ask for a smile… Sometimes I have chosen the path through hell to get to heaven, now as I walk that road the sun is always shining!  Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Better to help shape our destiny and share the fate of sharing love and begin to appreciate. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and your time and the smile you bring by sharing that time with me.