Happy Mothers Day Daughter poem… And a smile

A poem just to share one, maybe I can even get a job writing them… J

Once you were my baby girl

Bringing great joy into our little world

My beautiful daughter now you give it a whirl

A mother you are and on this Mother’s Day

It is with great pleasure and pride I say

The gift of being a mother can never be taken away

When you were a child a little girl to me

A little Princess in a dress for the world to see

The smile on your face, the hugs and kisses all free

As you are now, a most beautiful lady

My daughter for eternity

Happy Mother’s Day with love


I thought I would share this as the past few days I have had more views from search engines than anywhere else. The searches have all been about mother’s day poems for daughter or something along those lines. The most searched posts of the past were also about poetry for a daughter.. An angry daughter. Thanks Google as well as Yahoo and any other search engines as well as the people that stopped by!

  I am in a way moved by these views on my pages as it shows a trend or need for expressing poetic expression with our daughters. Some of the young Ladies I know and those not so young either like poetry and artistic expression. My sons girlfriend reads at a local coffee shop where they live, the coffee shop features live poetry and short story readings on Saturday Nights. As these young ladies become mothers we know the heartfelt sentiment poetically expressed will be cherished forever.

I wanted to share an update and would like to offer the opportunity for those that would like to purchase a framed and beautifully expressed version of this poem. I have several options as far as frames listed on my ETSY shop Artisticlyxpressed if you would like to share a gift with your lovely daughters or E mail me at smplman1215@yahoo.com! There is space at the bottom to sign it and add that personal touch!

Framed Mothers Day poem for a daughter

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a Poem for the many daughters that are going to be mothers the first time this year and the many daughters that are moms which is all of you moms! I hope that your shopping is all fun and from the heart. Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. J

A quote, a phillosopher a poet a battle and a chase…

Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil




I wanted to share a thought in an artful way; I have always been intrigued, with the philosophies of philosophers. as I read a short few paragraphs of Friedrich Nietzsche I was inspired to compose a rebuttal in an artful way. Perhaps what he says in the above quote is true. I would ask philosophically however is it a bad thing?

The one I chose to chase

A few days ago a day, I will never forget

A day when on a road two of the greats met

I picked myself a ringside seat

In awe as I was witness to this amazing feat

Awesome words of wisdom the poet

And the philosopher did speak

The poet deflected the glancing blow

With the grace of an Eagle

The philosopher undaunted continued

Feeling rather Regal

The words they crackled and sang through the air

Both having great knowledge and wisdom to share

The exchange lasted hours and darker it grew

The poet stopped for the winner they both knew

The poet said you win and I win too

In your mind, logic rules the philosopher in you

In your heart your soul sings with poetry

 Expressing the love, you have

For all that shares with you

The poet then smiled waiting,

 To hear what the philosopher would say

What happened next was incredible

I was happy that I had stayed

The two took hands as if to shake

Pulled each other close

In a loving warm embrace

As they parted smiling

The poet I chose to chase

Just a thought I wanted to share as sometimes the thoughts of others and different perspectives give us insight into our own perspectives. The quote By Friedrich Nietzsche was one that for me personally inspired thought and feeling.

 Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and sharing a smile or two. I hope we can all share a smile and some love or loving thoughts and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Hailey Jean (A Poem)


Hailey Jean

Pure, innocent when you were born

Love will light the way through life’s storms

The love of many will keep you warm

Life will bring you many gifts

Through time, you will make many lists

With the love in my heart, I wish to share this

I will watch in awe as you grow to year one

The toddler years are really lots of fun

After that, you will begin to learn,

 From everything under the sun

People will come and people will go

The love you have in your heart will grow

The love of many you will know

A Princess you are to me

Knowing only love and being free

Beautiful is the world your blue eyes see

Beauty is not always pretty

Anger is not always petty

Knowing this will help make you ready

I encourage you to follow your dreams

Even if others envision different things

Stay beautiful and love, many gifts life will bring

Hailey Jean to your grandpa you are a Queen

A President an astronaut a homemaker

 Whatever you choose to be

Love for you unconditional is your gift from me

I love you Hailey Jean

I share a thought or two and a poem I wrote for my grand daughter as she was born this morning! Just wanted to share and start the month off with a poem and perhaps a few smiles…

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and sharing your time with me. Please share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂 Joe