The sound of peace

Silence the sound of peace
Inner calm and mind release
Battle ragess by design
Between our souls and our minds
Bringining conflict to our being
Ego and soul a.battle felt without seeing
All of our lves we spend believing
Surrounded with thoughts deceiving
As with twists of fate
Our souls ask us to appreciate
Its about the journey not the end
The key is living with mind and soul as friends
Silence is a chance to be
Who we are in reality
Silence within
The sound of peace

I share a thought as I was moved to do so. I went to my writing group yesterday and had a great time sharing and exchanging written words and spoken words. After the group went our own ways a friend and I chatted. He had mentioned I looked realy good and as he knows my situation commented it was odd.I asked why and after he shared his thoughts about how he may feel in my place I shared the thought expressed in the poem with him.

I may be in a place most will never visit and things may not look so good on the outside. The outside is judged by material things for the most part. The inside is ruled by love and peace. Look good to others outside even if you don’t have material things you are what’s inside and that can shine even in the darkest of nights so to speak if you find it and let it. I may be broke, jobless, homeless, yet I am beautiful and shine.

I have inner peace and know that life is an adventure and a gift. I love the gift of life and all the presents. Every moment makes us more beautifulif we let it. Please share a smile and share some of your love and maybe your smile will give someone a gift of silent peace as they smile back. Thank you for sharing your time with me.