Hundreds of Gurus

Lessons I have learned from hundreds of gurus
Some even practiced black magic and voodoo
They effect our world and the things that you do
Some of them teach religious things
Or the gifts that inside of you peace brings
Tranquility of the sound as bells ring
Lessons learned when logic and reason are lost
Wisdom and knowledge obtained at a cost
The pain you feel after such a tragic loss
I have no more material things
Physical objects hard work and money bring
I have only the love.of my inner being
Wisdom shared and lessons learned
Wishes and desires for which I have yearned
Caring for others with the money I earned
Those that I cared for
Are with me no more
As again with nothing I head for the door
A fortune I have made
A fortune I have spent
No roof over my head no way to pay the rent
I share my thoughts
Through the pain I have wrought
The gift of hundreds of gurus have taught
Material things are nice
Love with another is love shared twice
The best of all the advice
Love who you are and who you have been
Love the people you meet and treat them as friends
To learn to love yourself is the lesson at the end