The sound of peace

Silence the sound of peace
Inner calm and mind release
Battle ragess by design
Between our souls and our minds
Bringining conflict to our being
Ego and soul a.battle felt without seeing
All of our lves we spend believing
Surrounded with thoughts deceiving
As with twists of fate
Our souls ask us to appreciate
Its about the journey not the end
The key is living with mind and soul as friends
Silence is a chance to be
Who we are in reality
Silence within
The sound of peace

I share a thought as I was moved to do so. I went to my writing group yesterday and had a great time sharing and exchanging written words and spoken words. After the group went our own ways a friend and I chatted. He had mentioned I looked realy good and as he knows my situation commented it was odd.I asked why and after he shared his thoughts about how he may feel in my place I shared the thought expressed in the poem with him.

I may be in a place most will never visit and things may not look so good on the outside. The outside is judged by material things for the most part. The inside is ruled by love and peace. Look good to others outside even if you don’t have material things you are what’s inside and that can shine even in the darkest of nights so to speak if you find it and let it. I may be broke, jobless, homeless, yet I am beautiful and shine.

I have inner peace and know that life is an adventure and a gift. I love the gift of life and all the presents. Every moment makes us more beautifulif we let it. Please share a smile and share some of your love and maybe your smile will give someone a gift of silent peace as they smile back. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Hundreds of Gurus

Lessons I have learned from hundreds of gurus
Some even practiced black magic and voodoo
They effect our world and the things that you do
Some of them teach religious things
Or the gifts that inside of you peace brings
Tranquility of the sound as bells ring
Lessons learned when logic and reason are lost
Wisdom and knowledge obtained at a cost
The pain you feel after such a tragic loss
I have no more material things
Physical objects hard work and money bring
I have only the love.of my inner being
Wisdom shared and lessons learned
Wishes and desires for which I have yearned
Caring for others with the money I earned
Those that I cared for
Are with me no more
As again with nothing I head for the door
A fortune I have made
A fortune I have spent
No roof over my head no way to pay the rent
I share my thoughts
Through the pain I have wrought
The gift of hundreds of gurus have taught
Material things are nice
Love with another is love shared twice
The best of all the advice
Love who you are and who you have been
Love the people you meet and treat them as friends
To learn to love yourself is the lesson at the end

Air, a poem

The breeze gently blowing

Softly moving air

Whispering gently

I will always be there

Winds blowing fiercely

Objects flying everywhere

Screaming loudly

I will always be there

Winds over the water

Hurricane consumes the air

Overpowering yelling

I will always be there

Calm almost still

Flowing air

Silent without a care

I will always be there

It surrounds us



I will always be there

  A short thought shared as I breathe, life is quite amazing in so many ways and since we all breathe air I would take the time to share a thought about it. We all share many things and just view them from a different perspective. Yet there are things we all recognize and see the same effects of. Like a smile! 🙂

  Please share a smile and share some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Change like a smile starts within, we can reach for the positive and shine with a smile for the love of the life we have and the gift of being who we are beautiful human beings. Thank you for being the positive change and making our world a better place for all we share it with.


The Park…

The young man I watch on the hill

Tumbling and rolling just for the thrill

Smiling and laughing just because he can

Oh how I the world is different for a young man

As his mother watched him with love

As he rolled to the bottom from above

The sounds of the laughter reached deep in me

As I watched them while sitting under a tree

Birds singing all around

Mixed with the laughter what a wonderful sound

Grass overgrowing needing to be mowed

Dandelions seedlings blowing in the wind reminding me of snow

The little girl running away from her aunt

Chocolate and pink stuff all over her pants

I laugh as she runs her messy red hair

My heart happy, smiling breathing the air

All taken in a moment shared on a day

Kids young and old in the park at play

 As I watched and listened I heard them sing

A song of love to nature and our hearts it brings

 Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, spending time outdoors and especially when there are young women and men present is always an adventure and quite fun. I had the afternoon free and chose to head to the park and share some love with nature and the community. I have to say it was a gorgeous afternoon.


Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for being the positive change in our world with all the smiles you share.



I look at the sky so blue

Wishing I was looking at it with you

You may be looking at it too

Knowing that makes me less blue

Just a quick thought on a sunny day. I have been busy as of late trying to find a job…  A graphic designer and an illustrator. You would think it would be easy to do all of the above and perhaps for some it is. I can only move forward with a smile and the knowing all will be well.

I thank you for allowing me to share a quick thought as I try to catch up on all the great posts that have been written over the last few days. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

The farther I fall… a poem

The farther I fall, the higher I fly
Moment by moment as the day goes by
When falling I hear the victory cry
Evan as the tear falls from my eye
Suspended in time and space
No sorrow or pain shows on my face
Everything has its place
The heavens set the earthly pace
Zero game as through space and time I soar
With the pride of a lion the King of beasts I roar
The tower fallen the opening of another door
Waiting calmly with dignity venturing where I have not been before
The tear rolling down my cheek
The empty space I seek
Quiet solitude so my soul may speak
The treasured love it always keeps
The farther I fall the higher I fly
The love inside the tear in my eye
Moment by moment as the day goes by
I hear the victory cry

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I do hope we can all share a smile and share some love making our world a better place for all we share it with.

By the way the phone app as far as the reader goes is not so friendly with my phone… sorry if I haven’t made your page I hope to have my technical difficulties taken care of soon.

“The moment we have”

In the moment is what we have

Have you lived it if you don’t grab

The joy of the moment has come to pass

Joy is not fleeting when you see

The moment we have

 Is all there is for you and me

Even when nothing is everything

Let the joy of the moment in you ring

The love of your heart with joy it sings

                                                     Joy is not fleeting when you see

The moment we have

 Is all there is for you and me

  Sometimes things happen and well big turns of events not all planed seem to happen to all of us. over the years of my life I have been through many things that inspired me to seek an end to the pain I felt and the love I so desired. I have been writing about such events in different ways as I learn and grow.

I have read many books by great writers and artists that have shared some treasured wisdom. Read and watched many Gurus works, as well as many gifted spiritual healers and counselors as they share love. I believe we all have our own way of finding inner peace a friend told me his way was to listen to and feel his heart beat. Another recommended concentrating on breathing. It is said Buddha told us to question everything that comes from outside ones self. Listen to it acknowledge it and question it.

That said what I am feeling is even if the walls fall down the sun will shine tomorrow. One may as well feel the joy of the moment and the opportunities it brings. For a brief period my posts may be somewhat limited leaning more on the poetic side. Comments will be limited as the phone app is good yet not that good!

Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂