Mothers Day Poems and gifts

As mother’s day is approaching and I thought about the many gifts, I have given my mother over the years, one from my childhood really stands out in my mind. One that was perhaps a little sloppy, a poor choice of colors and well even cheesy. A poem written in school as a project was the first heart felt artistic expression I ever shared in written words. My mom still has that poem and colored outside the lines or not she treasures it like a Picasso.

Roses are Red

 Violets are Blue

Happy Mother’s Day to you

 In my life of adventure one of the things I find most beautiful and interesting are poems that have been turned into visual art. The combination is one that many enjoy and choose to display in their homes and even studios choose to exhibit and sell them. Many are family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Poetry books are also great creations of art and artistic additions to any coffee table.

I have been working on a few projects; this is one I started before Valentine’s Day. As the project begins to take shape I am at the stage I need some sample products and reviews or testimonials. I am in the process of building and creating a “Ghost Writer” Poetry site where anyone can create a poetic work of art. The concept is you the consumer provide names and details about the person you wish to share with in a poetic way. As well as the sentiment, you wish to express and a fellow poet or I will combine your details and sentiment into poetically expressed art for printing and framing.

I am currently exploring printers and custom frame shops in my local community to see what options they have to offer and for some sample materials or pictures of their samples. I hope to have them soon and perhaps find that beautiful graphic designer, writer/ companion, playmate to help pull this thing together. The site is going to be open for a few days even though it is under construction. I plan to offer a poem in digital format ready for self-printing at 50.00, which includes initial preparation and rough draft for review within three days and a final poem after review and edit in five days. Style of poem choice of 16 lines or 4 verses is included standard. I hope to offer deals and packages of canvas and oil over a scene or setting of your choice or calligraphy on parchment whatever you choose as a consumer to make this a truly memorable gift work of art and investment.

Enrich your life and that of the ones you love through art and heartfelt expression. Anyhow I am including the link and as a way to say thank you as well as invite you to get a free mother’s day poem for you your mom daughter, grandmother the lady next door if you choose. I would like you to share the poem with them, and as your friend some practice. Stop at the page e fill out the contact me section and either include some details and the thought you wish to express or hit the e mail button and e mail me. The only stipulation is I may choose to use it as an example and I would appreciate any feedback as far as the poetry or the site,… Added bonus if you are a graphic designer with a heartfelt desire to assist a guy like me!

I opened it for a test run to get some samples and comments on said samples as well as perhaps some feedback on the site or concept. I hope to finish it soon and thank you in advance for your shared thoughts. J

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or this time perhaps too many! I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.

6 thoughts on “Mothers Day Poems and gifts

  1. Very interesting idea. Pretty site. It needs editing, but that is easy to do. It will be critical to show the stats on a person, then a poem, then the final product.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. Editing is the area where i ma in need of further education and or a designer with a heart of gold that wants to teach me a thing or two. Thanks for taking the time and expressing your thoughts.. Know any test subjects? Thanks for the smiles:0 Joe

    • Thank you, Robyn
      Much work still to be done yet I feel good about it and am very grateful for your wishes and comment. I am more grateful for the sentiment and love behind them. Thanks my beautiful friend. 🙂 Joe

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