At the crossroad


As my world collapses I smile

All will get better after a while

As it comes to an end

I have in heaven many friends

I recently learned of an artist that couch surfs

From her I have learned love and happiness first

As I reach for the stars

After having traveled so far

I look to the heavens inside of me

I know in my heart I have been set free

With the future quite in doubt

The road I have traveled is what it is about

Love of my fellow human beings

I have no choice but to follow my dreams

As once again on the verge of no home

I walk with the love of all I have known

One day in the future perhaps not in this life

I will live in comfort with a beautiful wife

I am grateful for where I am

A simple humble loving man

As the weeks of the future unfold

I have the hand of my Lord to hold

I do believe with love in my heart sings

Magic and hope for the future it brings

As I look at the road ahead

It doesn’t matter if I have a bed

I have a gift deep inside

Love of myself with no foolish pride

I will have the life of my dreams

Even if now impossible it seems

I reach for the stars as I share

Tomorrow a way for me will be there

I am so grateful for the gift

Of living this moment and making the best of it

  I share a thought or perhaps a few in a way that is becoming more comfortable than just raw words expressed in a heart felt way. Sometimes emotions are overwhelming and the feeling is one of despair. I am not subject to despair anymore yet can’t help but momentarily feel as if I am slipping. I reached out for a hand the other day as I was finishing up my awards page. My friend reached back and I recovered without falling on the slippery slope I am on.

  Last night I went to a spiritual gathering with a friend, it was somewhat like going to a church service without the religious aspects. It was quite intriguing as well as enlightening as the various speakers spoke on their take of spirituality. I listened to the harp being played in the back ground and allowed the energy in the hall to pass through me and must say… The people of our world are for the most part very beautiful.

  One of the speakers a specialist in alchemy spoke on the topic of following your dreams, I was quite taken aback by his perspective of not following them as they become nightmares in the end. I wanted to ask him why he shared such a thought yet in listening to his words I understood his logic. Dreams are however not about logic nor is magic nor for that matter is the one gift I most cherish.. Love!

I know not where I am headed in my new adventure in a short time I may be jobless and could even end up on the street again, I am putting much effort into changing my career and my way of contributing to the betterment of myself as well as sharing inspiration and love with my fellow human beings. My contributions to our world are many and I have much more to contribute in a positive way. I may not be the most logical person I do however know that logic doesn’t buy nor does money buy love nor does it buy happiness. I do know that I am happy and even though I don’t have that special lady in my life at the moment I have the greatest gift of all Love of myself and my fellow human beings!

  I was reminded about a post shared a few weeks ago that was about following your dreams and not living a JOB Just Over Broke that has been playing in my head over and over. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, Teddy Roosevelt was a rancher and Abe Lincoln ran for president and lost many times. Many great people have followed their dreams and with no thought of being logical inspired and shaped the lives of many in a very positive way. Mine included!

Logical or not I follow my dreams and smile! Please share a smile and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Share a smile and share your love and be the change positive. I am working on responding to the many comments shared form so many beautiful people after my sharing of some love and awards with some 400+ bloggers it took almost four days to post and comment on all of those blogs so please bear with me as I catch up. Thank you all for the many smiles and the time you take sharing them! 🙂

PS Anyone who would care to share a thought as to where a beautiful human being with a few gifts and talents may find a way to use them and live a dream would be a greatly appreciated help. As Abraham Hicks would say its in the vortex and the circumstances will lead me to meet them perhaps one of you can share with me that circumstance. 😉

13 thoughts on “At the crossroad

  1. Looking at the seriousness of your purpose, your sincere desire to live your dreams, your enthusiastic search for the fulfillment of your desires gives me a hunch that you will be successful in your endeavor. I can see sincerity and honesty and truthfulness in your purpose. You will succeed. I am no expert in predictions but I do feel you will find happiness and so much of it that you will not be able to handle if. My prayers and blessings.

  2. Beautifully expressed, exceedingly well written, thank you for sharing. I encourage you to follow your dreams. They’re yours after all so they should belong to you shouldn’t they! Keep searching, you’ll find them ~ Penny

  3. Blessings to you my friend….there is always something waiting just around the bend…remember the Universe/God/Goddess knows what we need to get closer to the our own Divine Natures…It is not always an easy road and may take a few lifetimes, but the soul is always seeking its source. I find if I live in the present moment as much as possible and let tomorrow take care of itself, somehow things work out. You have a positive nature, you will attract that back to yourself.

    Much Love&Light,

  4. We all walk our paths helped by our inner strengths, Joe, maybe some feel lost and unable to cope but others can help guide their way… Loved the Poem, and your words are so true, . we need to follow our dreams and live our lives to the fullest is part of being a human being… The pull is always there… have a good day my friend. xPenx

  5. Joe – The reality of the world we live in is that it can be oh so very harsh. Those of us sensitive to the arts and creativity often have a tough time finding our foothold within this world. I watched my husband struggle with this very issue and hearing his parents asking him, “When are you going to get a real job.” Please don’t let those types of thoughts get you down. With head held high the reality is that you may have to work a day job you’d rather not have to keep that roof over your head and food in your stomach. But, with your talents, keep searching dear friend. It’s hard. We all know how hard it is. Keep on, keeping on.

  6. Thanks Joe for this great post, keep pressing hard after your dreams… it’s closer than you expected! You’re loved because you share so much of that love too!
    Much love. 🙂

  7. A beautiful post! Thanks for that sharing. The mind may trouble, but underneath the thoughts is the silent Pool that embraces everything in Love. With surrender we are carried….all the best, shanti….

  8. Cross-roads come along our path Joe often at a time when we need to make changes… Change is always daunting as we often cling onto the familiar as it feels safe and secure… But I have been pushed to these ‘Cross-roads’ several times along my own life’s path, When I resisted it and hung onto the familiar -Life then made me change my career path, As I became ill and had to alter my life.
    If I had any advice to give you Joe, its this… TRUST in your instincts.. and know ALL things happen for a reason.. Worry not, for I feel the Universe nudges us along in the right direction.. Often at the time we may not always see why we are on a particular road. But the further we travel along it, We are then shown the route we took was a much needed journey to allow us to grow in strength and light..
    Fear not where you will finish… But see yourself within your own Dream!.. Manifest that which you require and need from life by envisioning yourself already there Joe..
    Your heart my friend is always there to be followed…
    Know as one door closes another is already opening.. Some times we have to liken ourselves to jig-saw pieces Joe… Some times without the picture box lid, we can not see the whole picture or plan of where it is we need to fit.. But by turning over the other pieces one by one, one step at a time we reveal the other pieces of the puzzle .. At times we have to wait until the other pieces are ready to show themselves before we can slot in beside them..
    You are gathering around you now your edges- those straight pieces of the picture.. the basics – the knowledge- you are drawing to you that which you need for your next stage of your journey..

    Worry not where that journey will take you……… for I know deep within my being, you have all you need to see you make the right connections to those who will enhance your journey..

    Enjoy the Journey and walk in love.. and all I am sure will be well with you..

    Love and blessings
    Sue xox

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