A Duet of Duets “Thank you Ladies”



Movement and Growth


The time has come to be reborn and transform

Shining bright all will be well like summer born

Winter’s wounds weathered standing firm

Change is in the wind an adventure yearned

All will flow smoothly like an ocean breeze

Treasure arrives on the journey to destiny

Through the distant towers the sun rises anew

The wheel turns events fortunate arise



Foundations of truth and justice firmly set

Break clean and begin anew say yes
Wishes unfulfilled now past

New love comes fast

The spinning wheel of karma is in play

Fame and fortune come your way


But slow the mind to move swiftly forward

The world is yours around the corner freedom waits

By others your hard work will be appreciated 

Someone important into your life soon arrives

Move forward in hope, but not fear,
Appearing wealthy, comfort as the time draws near

In the end you see the sun shining brightly, but it always has
Raw power and strength brought to bear, setbacks overcome



http://juliannevictoria.com/ and Joe Bradshaw





Teeth revealed by lips up-curled woman, man boy and girl

Muscles maneuvered by emotional triggers, a mouth of pearls

Revealing joy and happiness deep from within, that’s where they begin

And when the truthful mood projects itself, it lingers for awhile

Showing wrinkled crow’s feet that will never go out of style

And sometimes accompanied by the most surprising musical sounds

Bringing with them gifts shared with others, their affects often quite profound

A heartfelt smile is all it takes to send a spirit flying away from sinking ground



http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ and Joe Bradshaw

A duet of Duets, as I work on an awards page I still felt I should post a post and this seemed like an appropriate time to share these poems.  As they both bring great smiles both in the creation of the artistic expression and the fun creating them. The first was done with a tarot deck and the Celtic Cross Spread two hands drawn thousands of miles away poetically expressed both writers blind to the others cards. Quite fun and quite creative on many levels. Thank you Julianne Victoria!

 The second with a very talented Poet and artist as well as a quite fascinating human being. It was a gift to write with her and as she chose a topic dear to all of us and one I love to share Smile.. Once the ball started rolling it was an amazingly quick and fun process. The fact is Hasty is one busy Lady and what an amazing amount of energy and art she brings to the table. Thank you Hastywords and your true blue song title self.. One of my favorites tunes “your Beautiful’!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you here and in such a way with such beautiful collaborators as all that write here every post shared is a gift amongst all of us that have the gift of reading and sharing them! Please share a smile and share some love helping, make our world a better place for all we share it with. J

5 thoughts on “A Duet of Duets “Thank you Ladies”

    • Thank you for the compliment and especially taking the time to comment and share your beautiful words as well. Joe

      I am grateful you share her and with us all on your pages! Thank you Tina for the many smiles. 🙂

    • Thank you Sheri, I am truly honored. I am working on an Awards Page at the moment and will post this soon as well as a few nominations I am giving. Kind of like Christmas in April… Thank you for all of your support and the warm and welcome comments. 🙂 ♥ Joe and congratulations to you as well.

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