The gift of natures tiny little creek

Quite is the morning sun on this spring day

Flowers growing,

 Trees with blossoms blooming

Colors in all the spectrum’s, beauty in every way

I sit and reminisce of similar days that I have known

Times when a gift was shared

A gift of love sublime

The greatest gift my heart has ever been shown

Memories of the creek where we stood

On the bank where we hooked the worms

The water clear moving swiftly by

Cold around your legs somehow feeling good

The oldest one standing next to me my first cherished memory

As he shared the gift of love that I have shared

A gift of love so divine that will always be there

Look around you and tell me what you see in the water of in the creek

On this spring day as I sit by myself I reminisce of the love I felt

The time spent in the many creeks

 With the pure love that surrounded me

The gift shared so many times with the many the way it was so true

My gift of the heaven’s as it is theirs too

The times I spent with my sons

Is the gift is share with you

As I see them here in my heart so true

I remember the lord above as I shared that gift with you

Teach a man to fish he said is an act of love

As you step into that creek do so reverently

Do so with love and respect for everything that you do

This creek is a gift from the heavens filled with all you need

Surrounded by the colors of the spectrum beauty in every way

A gift that we share in natures beautiful display

A treasured memory as the water rose up and over our feet

The creek lives inside me as I feel my tiny hand

As I held your little one, a gift from the heavens

I again felt a gift so sublime, the love on the day held

 My grandfather’s with tiny little mine

The love I feel right now in my heart so true

As I shared my heart with you right now I feel it too

As we shared a story of the gifts of love

That the heavens gave to me and you

A gift far more meaningful than you will understand

A gift from a book of many years ago words of a special man

Teach a man to fish means so many things,

The words spoken by a beautiful human being

I feel the current as you step out on your own

I see the look on your face as the first on caught back its thrown

One of the treasures my heart does it hold

One I will always cherish as I in time I begin to grow old

Always put the first one back was my gift to you

To teach you the beauty of loving everything and everything you do

The stop and smell the roses, the beauty of the morning dew

The rainbow going back quietly into the creek

The gift of a story that I learned from many things

As I feel like sharing this love and the memory it brings

As I reminisce siting here listening to the birds sing

As we stood tiny hands holding the memories bring

The tiny creek surrounded by beauty in every way

The love in my heart as I reminisce and remember that first day

The feeling that the Lord was there with you and me

As we stood there in the creek

A sense so overwhelming how lucky that we were

The gifts of Mother Nature the treasures of the earth

Surrounding us with all her love and everything we need

A treasure so priceless in my treasured memories

The love I feel right now in my heart so true

Is the treasured gift of love shared in a tiny creek with you

In a tiny creek where we were asked, in the creek what do you see?

I see the love sublime a gift so divine

The tiny hand of mine

Teach a man to fish and always will he eat

There are some who many mouths will they feed

The gift of teaching a man to fish a tiny creek

Brings love to many as surrounded

By the greatest treasures we may seek

The treasures of love from the heavens

Natures’ tiny little creek

  I share a thought or two as I was so moved, after talking to my son and wishing I was standing in the little creek with him.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with . Thank you for sharing your time in visiting and sharing with me. Joe:)