What broken promises hide

Promises broken often perceived as lies

Anguish, painfully battering our selfish pride

Ripped open is the heart to reveal a gift inside

A twist of fate a chance we take

To grow with love or fail with hate

As we dwell in thoughts that resonate

Pride crushed and battered

Fleeting feelings that all is shattered

The promises broken taking all that mattered

The wound so wide nowhere to hide

Gaping hole large and deep exposing all inside

Emotions overwhelming feeling something died

Deep within the flowing sea

A chance to be truly set free

The chance to find who you are to be


At the point of give and take

The time to pick the choice you make

You deal the cards and draw your fate


The golden gift is inside you see

Choose love not hate and be free

Put away the pride find dignity


Promises broken perceived as lies

Revealing what within hides

Love with your soul and rise

If inside your thoughts you find

Love and being kind resides in your mind

You  have tranquility, love and sublimity divine

JB 2013

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two in an artful form of self expression. We have all been hurt by another’s promise broken, sometimes both side share words that perhaps should not have been spoken. I have found as I have been hurt that forgiveness is the way to heal, the path to love and the gift if you look deep is ones dignity as given a gift divine. Pride is a product of ego, perhaps not a bad thing yet with pride you place yourself above others and with dignity you stand side by side. If you embrace pride you embrace shame, if you embrace dignity there is no shame for in dignity we are all the same.

I hope we can all share a smile and some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with, please choose love and not hate. Share your love and change our planets fate. I appreciate the love and thoughts as well as the smile we share thank you for sharing them.

12 thoughts on “What broken promises hide

    • Thank you Tina, the smiles you bring as you share your thoughts are powerful as well. I have a full evening of catching up on posts I missed as I had a very early start and your post is one I longed to read through out the day as I usually wake up to it… Early bird gets the worm? I sometimes wonder! 🙂 🙂 I am on my way to your post soon and am sure the smiles will keep coming with your beautiful and powerful words! Thank you,

    • Eric I am honored you shared such a comment, I admire and respect your gifts of words and the value that you place on them. I thank you for sharing these words with me and the great smile they bring. My heart felt appreciation and gratitude for your sharing them. 🙂

      ♥ Joe ♥

  1. Joe you have shared with us your heart here, and expressed what I am sure many have felt but yet could never put into words,.. Thank you for sharing your heart . You are so right. we need to learn to forgive and put away our pride….. Such a poignant poem Joe… Thank you ~Sue

  2. so many in this life, Joe, are only concerned with themselves and how they perceive imagined slights … always searching for hidden meanings, instead of taking things at face value… Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts… If everyone did the same we would be much happier beings, living in harmony… xPenx

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