Please hold me tight

As you hold me tight my fears subside

Tears of joy I cannot hide

The pain is washed away

As on my knees I pray

When I felt so down

In my sadness I began to drown

The loving embrace you with me shared

Taking away my despair

In my deepest place

You showed me grace

I surrender my anxiety

To love that dwells inside of me

As you hold me tight

I know I can see the light

Hold me tight as my fears subside

Thank you as the tears of joy I cry

Wipe them not from my eyes

Please just hold me tight

As with joy I cry

  I share this from a place of love as I am so moved to do so. The silver lining in a storm that I once again find myself walking through, this time however I am a changed man for all the storms I have walked through. I am loved and as I love it is a gift I share as I embrace my self with what I found inside. The gifts of expression have helped me in so many ways especially on cloudy days. As I stand above the clouds that pass me by tears of joy now I can cry knowing this storm to shall subside and the sun shall once more shine bring a smile to this heart of mine.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in an artistic way, all of it is in my way asking and sharing a smile in hopes of making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you and please share a smile and share your love our world can use it!


7 thoughts on “Please hold me tight

  1. Joe, this is so poignant in that you recognise how important it is to embrace that love of self.. Once we do we are never alone… And we are never ever alone for we are Divine Beings Part of the Whole… the One… who loves us with all our faults and loves us unconditionally … Always will our creator hold us tight.. 🙂

  2. Jpe – Once again you have touched my heart with your words. There’s nothing on earth that’s more special, IMO, to have someone that we can feel totally vulnerable with and when they hold us tight, we know we are safe surrounded by their arms (becoming a symbol of their unconditional love for us).
    I’ve read many of your blogs and have been unable to comment due to a wordpress issue – but I’ll get to each one–for each one deserves a comment. Your expressions tiptoe across my soul.

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